MAX 2013 kicked off


Today in Zhukovsky near Moscow opened the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013. The event began with a demonstration flight. According to the organizers, the demonstration flights during the air show only attend about 40 airplanes and helicopters.


In particular, offers a performance of "Helicopters of Russia" lasting more than 20 minutes — the aerobatic team "Golden Eagles", a block of aircraft of the United Aircraft Corporation (Yak-130, Su-30cm, MiG-29, Sukhoi Superjet, etc.). Time program — 1 hour 15 minutes. International Aerospace Exhibition MAKS is held every two years in Zhukovsky near Moscow since 1993. The purpose of the Air Show is a demonstration of Russian high technology, besides a significant place in the program MAX hold scientific conferences and symposia. This year's air show will last for 6 days — from August 27 to September 1. 

"Russian Knights" aerobatic team Russian Air Force, performing group and single flying on multi-purpose highly-maneuverable Su-27P and Su-27UB. The uniqueness of the group is that it is the only aerobatic team in the world, performing group aerobatics airplanes class "heavy fighter", and that the fighters are serial samples.

"Swifts"performing group and single flying on multi-purpose highly maneuverable MiG-29 has a large repertoire of aerobatic maneuvers carried out by the group and a pair of aircraft, as well as single performances. The complex aerobatic performances include such orders as "pyramid", "hammer", "star", "arrow", "cross" and "wing".

"Russian Falcons"— aerobatic team Russian Air Force, performs single and group aerobatics at the fourth-generation fighter aircraft Su-27. This is the only aerobatic team, which combat aircraft demonstrates a wide gathering of spectators elements of air combat at low altitudes.

"Golden Eagles"For the first time will participate Russian Air Force aerobatic team "Golden Eagles", flying the six attack helicopters Mi-28N. This is one of the few groups helicopter in the world which figure shows the average and the highest degree of difficulty in the vertical and in the horizontal plane at an extremely low height.

The current MAX, as promised in the organizers, will be a record number of participants: will present their products over thousands of businesses and companies, of which 277 — overseas. More than 150 leading Russian industrial companies will present their latest developments of military and civil aircraft. His exposition will demonstrate:

  • JSC "Helicopters of Russia"
  • United Aircraft Corporation,
  • United Engine Corporation,
  • State Corporation "Rostekhnadzor"
  • Airbus,
  • Boeing,
  • Bombardier,
  • Safran,
  • Augusta Wesland,
  • Finnmecanica,
  • Israel Aerospace Industries,
  • Thales,
  • and many others. 

As part of the MAKS-2013 is expected to sign a sufficiently large number of contracts and agreements. How to say the organizers, "will sign important international agreements that will bring the Russian production of aircraft components and final engineering designs to the next level." Among the most famous, in particular, it is the signing of contracts for the supply of Russian Superjet 100 aircraft and MS-21 — as a customer was Russian leasing company "Ilyushin Finance" (IFC) and the "VEB-Leasing". Perhaps, IFC will also enter into a preliminary agreement with the Russian customer for the supply of two An-148. Also, the other day it was reported that in the course of the exhibition the Russian Defense Ministry intends to sign a contract for the purchase of long-suffering light tactical fighter MiG-35. "Rostekhnadzor" and the Canadian Bombardier may sign an agreement on production in the Russian medium-range passenger aircraft for local airlines Q-400. "Rosoboronexport" will hold talks with more than 60 delegations from 40 countries at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013. The result may also be the conclusion of various agreements and contracts. The business program of the air show also promises to be eventful. In particular, it is a place within the MAKS-2013 International Aviation Congress, the Sixth European Congress on Air Transport and International Science and Technology Symposium. In addition, the business program is listed dozens of "round tables", forums and briefings on all issues of the development of aviation, aerospace and aviation science. Only at the MAKS-2013 will present 165 Russian aircraft and 21 foreign. According to organizers, one of the most anticipated premier air show will be the demonstration of a multifunctional fighter Su-30cm, produced by JSC "Corporation" Irkut ". Currently, the corporation carries out contracts for the supply of 60 such machines Defense Ministry. Another novelty of the air show will be the new military- transport aircraft IL-476 (Il-76MD-90A), available now "Aviastar-SP". Transportnik will present the audience at the static display during the flight program. previously reported that IL-476 proceeded to the state tests of the Defense Ministry. According to schedule , the first round of audits will be completed in November this year. military department has purchased 39 of these machines. On static display for the first time will feature VIP-aircraft version of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and Tu-214ON ("Open Skies"). Participants also will see the new fighter of the fifth generation of T-50. At this year's MAKS well represented manufacturers of aviation equipment. their latest developments in this napravdenii present members of the state corporation "Rostekhnadzor" Company "Schwabe", "Aviation", "Russian electronics" and "Radio-electronic technology Concern" ( KRET). increased interest of foreign delegations, according to experts, is expected by the Su-35 fighter planes of the latest revisions of the Su-30MK and MiG-29 combat training aircraft Yak-130 combat helicopters Ka-52 and Mi-28NE, military -transport helicopters Mi-17. Moreover, attention will attract patrol and special versions of the Be-200, AN-148 and AN-140-100 as well as the latest military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A and heavy transport helicopter Mi- 26T2. According to forecasts, the daily air show will be visiting more than 100,000 people.

Photos are taken from the official site

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