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"Productivity in Russia is among the lowest in the world. On the example of the same sad Superjet, who for seven years already collected 32 pieces, and the price of the entire project has caught up with the American program of sending manned stations on the moon, where they will live and work astronauts. "

These kind words addressed to me dislike the Superjet oppozitsoner post it to the community, "It is time to bring down" less than a week ago:

And yesterday — surprise — at MAKS sold 77 regional SSJ-100. At the catalog price at $ 35 million apiece:

Only at the air show is planned to conclude contracts for $ 10 billion. For comparison, this is roughly equivalent to the GDP of Armenia. And note, this is not oil and gas. This aircraft and helicopters: the most that on is high-tech.

As Russia managed to achieve this? Do you think that helped the invisible hand of the market?  

Did not. The invisible hand of the market was trying to, of course, in the nineties to establish an aircraft factory production pans. But for some reason the results of the conversion of Russian factories only pleased our most likely opponents.

But when the state took out the "invisible hand of the market" out of pocket and gathered strategic companies into a single entity — a "Rostekhnadzor" — things started to improve.

The analogy. The competition is very good and useful. However, when a person buds begin to compete with the liver and the heart with the lungs ends this hospital. Or cemetery — depending on how soon the doctor will treat this life-giving competition.

And with our aircraft. Whichever plane or helicopter we take, we will see that on its creation, dozens of companies. And while these businesses have been merged into a single body, to get them to teamwork was impossible.

By the way, the airline industry and in the West, too, is not market-driven, as is commonly believed. Western monsters — Airbus and Boeing — even bigger than the size of our "Rostekhnadzor." Actually, it is the large size and allow "Rostekhnadzor" negotiate on equal terms with other corporations:

For example, there was an agreement between the Russian titanium producer VSMPO and French Airbus.

What would happen if a crisis of 2008-2009, when the warring shareholders VSMPO torn to pieces, the company would not have come in the face of Rostekhnadzor Chemezov with his team? I think to a complete stop business enterprise would hardly realized: the production of titanium is quite profitable.

However, if VSMPO would fall into the hands of, say, Boeing, it is unlikely he would have allowed the company to supply titanium to its competitors. And the needs of the Russian aircraft industry would be satisfied as a residual. He who pays the piper calls the tune. About the fact that titanium were bought at a price as low as possible, of course, do not even mention it by itself.

Now, for reference, 70% of titanium is exported, while another 30% — for our aviation industry.

However, in a production of titanium our aviation industry is not limited. Part of the "Rostekhnadzor" holding company "Helicopters of Russia" breaking records in terms of sales:…-vertoletnoy-tehniki.html 

Tellingly, our helicopters are buying now even the Americans. Their congressmen resent the fact that this is not enough … but a special patriotic Americans have no choice: their own technique in some areas of our competition can not:

Electronics for our aircraft and helicopters also Russian. It is responsible for the delivery of the other part "Rostekhnadzor" — Concern "Radio-electronic technology" KRET.

Note: High-tech again, not some ancient, and more than modern. For example, "Irbis" — the most powerful in the world of radar control system, which allows the fighter to detect objects at a distance of up to 400 kilometers, accompanied by up to 30 and fire up to 8 targets simultaneously. This system is put on the Su-35

With engines, we also doing well. They are produced in the corporation JDC, which, of course, again, is a "Rostekhnadzor." On the competitiveness of its products eloquently demonstrated by the fact that the Americans for their space rocket "Antares" take our NC-33.

However, in its own juices, our engineers are not cooked. For example, modern engine for the SaM146 "Superjet" NPO "Saturn" tinkering with a couple of French SNECMA.

Another important part of our flying machines, optics, has been holding "Schwabe" (also part of the "Rostekhnadzor"). At this air show, "Schwabe" shows a new optical-electronic system for the Ka-52:

In general, the components of the "Rostekhnadzor" — more than six hundred Russian strategic companies — are working as one well-oiled machine.

And now when I look back, it seems to me absurd to the ridiculous main slogan of the nineties. Under which cut into small pieces by Soviet "holdings" will magically blossom and grow rich, pritorgovyvaya pans in addition to the production of space propulsion and nuclear warheads.

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