Ended the first round of the tournament the first division. Strong lead "Rostov" is not the victim of any one loss and advancing to seven points closest pursuer — "Anji". It is encouraging that a significant contribution to the success of pupils are making St. Petersburg football — Oleg Kozhanov, Mikhail Kozlov and Maxim Astafev. [Cut] [b] On the records do not think [/ b] [b] — Maxim, you are to be congratulated, "Rostov" won the first round for a clear advantage! What do you think, due to what the team has achieved such a result? [/ B] — First of all, due to the fact that it was possible to successfully conduct selection — the team has come a lot of skilled players with experience of playing in the Premier League. There are guys who know how to work to increase the class. By the way, we started not very good — in the first home matches played in a draw twice. But then, the team has played, I felt the taste for victory. Maybe sometimes we get lucky. Still, the game show that our leadership is natural and we deserved to go first. [B] — I guess you can not fail to note the role of head coach Oleg Vasilyevich Dolmatova that within a short time of 17 (!) Of new players has managed to create efficient collective? [/ B] — Yes, of course. Oleg — experienced professional who knows all the intricacies of football. To his current success the team was planned, despite the fact that we have brought together only in the middle of January. Time was not so much. And in general it can be said that the current "Rostov" was created in a hurry. However, Oleg managed to create a cohesive team in which all fighting for each other. So the merit of the head coach is very large. [B] — How would you describe the football, which is played by the "Rostov»? [/ B] — We will quickly go out of defense, a lot of hammering on the counterattack, successfully played on the road. Home matches are given to us a little bit harder because rivals almost the entire team stand behind. But even such a rich defense we have learned to hack. [B] — «Rostov" has set a new record for the first division — 21 games without defeat. Say about this achievement in a team? [/ B] — You know, I found out about it only when we have not lost in 15 or 16 games in a row. Yes, then started talking about the record, but the special value of this did not give. Honestly, for us now as a defeat and a draw, so that such achievements pale into insignificance. Yeah, do not play very nice, but the main thing now — to score points and at no looking back. Records will celebrate the fall. [B] — The seven points clear of nearest rival, "Anji" — a comfortable advantage? [/ B] — I would not say. The more so than "Anji" there are other good teams — "Kuban" and "Ural", before whom also stand tall task. I am confident that the second round will be even more interesting. [B] — What is the match of the first half of the season was "Rostov" the most difficult? [/ B] — I think that a home with a "KAMAZ". Up to the last moment of the score was 0-0, but 92 minutes into the Serb Zivanovic as given in the "nine" from twenty-five yards! Cool goal turned out! It's nice when something comes manages to pull out a victory! [B] — In Rostov, on the occasion of such success is not observed football boom? [/ B] — At the beginning of the season the fans in the stands were not so many. Now, of course, it was a little bigger, but still a long way to notices. [B] — Who will be your competition for two places in the Premier League? [/ B] — It seems to me, "Anji" and "Kuban" Sergei Pavlov, under whose direction I was going out in the Premier League with "Ray." He knows all the realities of the first division, so it was his team — the most dangerous competitor! [B] — Yes, you have the experience of raising solutions in the classroom. What do you think, on what should primarily focus "Rostov»? [/ B] — most importantly — a good start in the second round. In any case it is impossible to stumble home and look back on those who go below us. We can not expect that out in the Premier League and a possible second place. We are faced with a specific task — to win this tournament. St. Petersburg company stick together [b] — Let's talk about you. In some games you play in the starting lineup, in others — go out for a replacement. On your account one goal and one assist. What position you see Oleg Dolmatov and are you satisfied with their performance? [/ B] — Oleg sees me on the position of winger — either to the right or to the left. And after the European Championship and he does like to put me right back! It would have been, but was injured Michael aspen and Dolmatov brought me back to the midfield. Of course, you want to play all the time. But in fact, we are still no match is not held to the same composition. Our head coach is constantly releasing one or two new players. Although, maybe it's for the better — more players, as they say, raffled, all the guys anyway grow. We do not have such Dolmatova to constantly played eleven people. Unlike, say, from Paul, who always counted in the "Ray" only a limited clip. Dolmatov also gives play to all. As for my personal performance, I have every game has two or three points. It is a pity that the implementation fails! (Laughs.) But we do not have clearly defined goal-scorer. Look: Dyadyun scored seven, leather — three. We create a lot of chances, but in the final stages of composure lacking. [B] — How's the St. Petersburg company — you, Oleg Kozhanov, Mikhail Kozlov? [/ B] — Always stand each other! Constantly stick together, we go to restaurants, to the movies. [B] — Life in Rostov already managed to establish? [/ B] — You can say yes. I rented an apartment, but I still spend more time on the base. Leisure time? Manage and play paintball, and the nature of escape. But for some reason we go to bed still not home, but at the base. There's all of us together, we are so fun. [B] — How to spent a short vacation? [/ B] — Very good! I managed to go to the village, to see friends. I talked to the Bones Kanaplyou — for him, to be honest, most of all worried. Now he has a hard time (former zenitovets Konoplyev now playing in the championship Petersburg. — "Sport"), so I try to cheer him up. Called up and Zenit — Igor Denisov, Sasha Anyukovym. Sorry could not meet — they have a very busy schedule. I managed to solve the case on their studies at the University of Lesgaft. In short, just little by little.

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