Maximum pilot flying in the Western Military District has exceeded 215 hours per year

In the Western Military District (WEST) in 2012, the average flight hours per pilots increased significantly over last year, reaching 125 hours.

"At the same average flight crew commanders made more than 175 hours. Compared to last year plaque increased by more than 20 percent ", — said Monday the head of the press service of the cooling zone, Colonel Andrei Bobrun.

However, he noted that the best results in 2012 have reached the pilots of Kursk (in the "category" front-line fighter aircraft and) with a touch of more than 150 hours. In the Army Aviation — Air Base in Viazma with a touch more than 215 hours. Aerial parts of the transport aircraft have completed not less than 170 hours.

According to experts, the science-based minimum annual flying for pilots of military aircraft is 110-130 hours. In 2003, the Russian Air Force raid on the average annual per pilot from 12 to 44 hours.

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