Mayans and Nostradamus — fatal eclipse May 20, 2012.

May 20 will most expected in the last century solar eclipse. Expect it as astronomers and astrologers. The fact is that in particular 20 May 2012, many famous and prestigious prophets foretold a terrible earthquake.

Solar eclipse of May 20 will be possible to observe not all inhabitants of the Earth. And it will be held from China over the Pacific Ocean to the western edge of the Atlantic Ocean.
How, then, would be that day, if you trust the prophets?

Mayan seers at the time predicted the disastrous earthquake on May 20, 2012. According to them, this day would happen, "cleansing", and immediately the next day come down to earth people skills that will land a new era of its domination.

Nostradamus wrote that in May of 2012 will be merciless hail, and then an earthquake will destroy the great theater full of people. Note that Nostradamus predicted the events on the 10th of May. Although, of course, within the boundaries of so many years of difference can we allow the amendment.

Edgar Cayce, in turn, wrote in 1941 about earthquakes on the Earth's poles. He wrote that the result of the tremors will concern the equatorial volcanoes, which will lead to the restoration of their activity.

Just to add that this year will be more than one eclipse, the next is expected in mid-autumn. May 20th is just around the corner, we will see.

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