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Editions of independent newspapers "Nasha Niva" and "Narodnaya Volya" claim that they prove in court bespadstavnasts intent of the Information Ministry to stop the publication of the newspaper. Publishers also believe that this initiative is not legal, but political motivation. Members of the Public Advisory Board at the Administration of the President Stanislav Bogdanovich calls to convene an extraordinary meeting of the Council to discuss the situation around independent newspapers.

Intentions of the Ministry of Information to cease publication of the newspaper by the High Commercial Court in the weekly edition of "Nasha Niva" aware of the reports state media. Official documents in the editorial did not receive, and therefore continue to be made to appeal to a court of ministerial warning for coverage of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway on April 11, on the basis of which are going to cease publication of the newspaper, said editor Andrei Skurko:

"We were not even given the opportunity to challenge the third warning, we received a week ago. This means that we will have to appeal it. And once we get that official paper of the Ministry of Information, then we will prepare a defense in court, on the basis of those formulations that there will be laid. calculate further options. "

Journalists "People's Will" preparing to release the next issue. At the same time sent to treatment in public Coordinating Council for the media to discuss the initiative of the Ministry of Information. In the edition does not have a doubt that the court would surely have bespadstavnasts charges if the decision was made based on legal standards, said deputy editor Kalinkina:

"Formally, the possibility is there, because you can just close the newspaper for gross violations. For example, for calls to war, ethnic hatred. No such gross violations of our newspaper, and, as I understand it, in the" Nasha Niva "has also not been . But it is clear that this is a political decision, not the court, so it is difficult to speak of jurisprudence. "

Meanwhile member of the Public Advisory Board at the Administration of the President Stanislav Bogdanovich asked the head of the Board Vladimir Makey a statement to call an extraordinary meeting of the Council to discuss the situation around independent newspapers. Stanislav Bogdanovich says:

"This is a very important issue: we have two permanent state newspapers that provide objective information. And it is a violation of the constitutional provisions on freedom of information, if will be accepted decision to close the newspaper. I do not hope for a positive result, since no positive decision is not taken. But, at least, I hope that colleagues will support — members of the board. "

After the brutal dispersal of the protest on Independence Square on December 19, and the terrorist attack in the subway on April 11, except "Nasha Niva"And the" People's Will ", warning of the Ministry of Information and prosecutors were also journalists Alexander Starykevich and Anatoly Sanotenko, the magazine" Arche "and newspaper" The Hill ", placed in custody Hrodna journalist Andrzej Poczobut. Several journalists from Mogilev and Vitebsk went through the courts, have administrative fines and terms of imprisonment. situation is commented Deputy Chairwoman of Belarusian Association of Journalists Andrei Alexandrov:

"In the situation of the independent media political aspect, of course, there is. Fact, he becomes the master. Lawsuit to close the" Nasha Niva "and" Narodnaya Volya "- is actually trying to start stripping the information space, which takes place against the background of the obvious negative developments in the economy and policy. situation of independent media in Belarus is very bad for a long time. And that began after December 19, and what's going on now, only further exacerbates this situation. "

In the independent Belarus is still in the court were closed three media: newspapers, "Freedom," "Consent" and "Pursuit." Now under threat of closure as the three "Autoradio" "Nasha Niva"And" Narodnaya Volya ".

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