Medvedev in Saratov: re SRF will continue

President Dmitry Medvedev has arrived in Taman missile division (settlement Light Saratov region) in a helicopter. He spoke at the ceremony of the construction. In particular, the President said:

"The Strategic Rocket Forces — an important component of the nation's military power. They — a special capability that is the result of a large number of scientists work, engineering, business, military experts. Due to the country's nuclear-missile shield and we are capable of now, and in the long term ensure the stability of the country and effectively defend national interests. Therefore, the state pays and will pay particular attention to improving the technical equipment of the Strategic Missile Forces. now on your shelf will operate a fifth-generation, who have new, better combat capabilities, the latest control systems and everything necessary for life support personnel . "
Medvedev said that troops from the re-appropriate funding will continue.

Supreme Commander of the military congratulated on coming Day of Defender of the Fatherland, presented state awards and went into the ground — the command post of the complex "Topol-M". After that, he plans to meet with the commanders of regiments.

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Rekonutruktsiyu SRF facilities in the village. Tatischevo Saratov region. leads GUSST number 5 at Spetsstroy Russia.

Ltd. "MPKM" in the period from 2010-12 carried out the supply of various insulation materials on the object.

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