Mega-Farm ZAO Dawn — the modern cattle complex Ryazan region

Complex for the production of milk JSC "Dawn" is in the Ryazan region Ryazan region, is part of Agro "dairy product". Construction of the complex began in 2007, milk production in 2009. 

Megaferma impresses with its size — there are several large barns, for whom — a field of houses for the calves. Only on a set of about three thousand head of cattle, including dairy cows — 1350.

The limits of the design capacity has not yet been achieved — farm has 2,000 head of dairy cattle (total population — 5100 goals). First breeding Holsteins were brought here from Canada, later cows were grown locally.

Daily mega-farm JSC "Dawn" sells about 38 tons of milk.

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On a set of "Breaking Dawn" is practiced loose housing — the animals are free to move indoors, eat, drink water and sleep, and for cleaning brushes, large comfortable here even going to turn.

All feeds are harvested on the farm itself.

  • boxes with feed
  • boxes with feed

The manure from the barn is cleaned regularly, then bilge pump and collected in a special lagoon — from there he will go as a precious fertilizer to the fields where they grow food for their own farm.

The fields are fertilized with manure than manually — it has a special manure.


  • premises where stored straw for bedding animals
  • premises where stored straw for bedding animals

In a separate room — neither with adult animals, nor in the houses next to the other calves — are born calves.

Then, each calf appears your own house.

When calves grow up a little more, they will be translated into their first barn — it is located closer to the houses remaining.

Milking parlor.

Milk enters the cooling tanks Kryos, production GEA Farm Technologies — each tank can hold up to 18 tons of milk. The tanks are equipped with special equipment for cooling, washing, control and measurement of volume.

Low milk tanks of 2-6 degrees, and the amount thereof is not only measured in liters, but in millimeters (depth).

In the same room is a different cooling technique that is used to cool the milk to flow.

 Very soon the fresh milk is bottled and hits the store shelves.

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