MegaFon launched a 4G-network in Kostroma, which became the tenth region where this service has earned

Kostroma region became one of the first regions of Russia where there is access to services the fourth generation 4G. Today is the first deputy governor of Kostroma region, Ivan Korsun met with representatives of the North West branch of the company "Megaphone"Granted access to new technologies.

"We are excited about this event. We hope that with the arrival of 4G to the fire development of the Internet — communications in the region will enter a new stage, and it will promote, inter alia, the implementation of the Presidential Decree on establishment of "electronic government" — began the meeting with representatives of Ivan Korsun.
At the time of launch 4G network covers virtually all areas of the Kostroma — Northern Section, the Working Sloboda Sloboda Labor, Kayak May Day, October, Malyshkovym. Work to further improve the quality of the data will be continued both in the city and beyond.
The main advantage of the consumer network 4G — high speed data transfer, making use of the mobile Internet more comfortable and productive. The new technology allows customers to watch high quality videos, connect with friends through social networks, send large volumes of material.
Kostroma became the tenth city in Russia and the first city with a population of less than 300,000, where there was access to communications 4G. The agreement on the organization of communications services in the region achieved in personal talks with Governor Sergei Sitnikov company representatives.
"Our service — a major step in the development of information technologies that allow people to work on a new level and to reduce the information gap between large and small cities," — commented on the decision by the Director of Public Relations SPF OJSC "MegaFon" Alexander Zipkin.
In turn, First Deputy Governor Ivan Korsun said: "Today, we often hear that the Kostroma — the depressed region. However, an investor comes to us. No one will invest and develop technology without prospects of the region. Today's event, the launch of the next generation network — a good sign for those who are willing to come to the region with new projects. Today, we are the most open to cooperation. "

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