Megaliths — secrets and mysteries

In general, the distance that it was necessary to move the megalith for its installation later, apparently played for the builders of these structures secondary role. The main part was (and maybe some properties) stone, conditioning, probably some necessary parameters for the creators of the megaliths. An example confirming the above, is a ring of blue stones, part of the Hundred-unhendzha.

These 80 five-ton units, as established by geologists, have been mined in the mountains Preselli in Wales (380 kilometers in a straight line from Stonehenge) and delivered to the construction site. But it is much closer to Stone Henge, just 30 kilometers away, there are numerous deposits of the sarsen sandstone. But no, the builders were needed, apparently, these "blue stones", among which there are blocks of dolerite, rhyolite and volcanic tuff. In one case ("tomb" New Grange in Ireland), stone slabs, stone passage to the gallery inside the chamber were made of quartz vein.

Quartz (SiO2) — a mineral that has very interesting properties, in particular the piezoelectric effect — the ability to generate an electrical current under the influence of mechanical deformation (compression or extension), as well as to maintain the constancy of the oscillations (frequency control), what is the basis of its application in electrical engineering. Under the influence of an electric current quartz crystals generate ultrasound (inverse piezoelectric effect). It was also found that the mechanical deformations of the quartz is capable of generating radio waves.

According to A. Kondratova on a small Pacific island of Malekula included in the New Hebrides archipelago, a few decades ago, local residents erected dolmens and menhirs, reminiscent of those that were built around the world thousands of years ago. They were shrines for all islanders. It was believed that the leader of a secret religious society on the island on certain days of listening to the voice of the spirit is great ancestors and had sought his advice.

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