MEGAMASH started bottling plant lemonade for Favorite-Neva

Commissioned the first phase of the plant for bottling soda (customer — the company "Favorite-Neva"). The entire project is made from "scratch" by MEGAMASH.

"Favor-Neva" is specialized in the production of carbonated soft drinks. Now, under their brand name is available in seven different flavors of lemonade. In the production of the product is used on natural sugar syrup and water deep cleaning.

In the technological part of the plant manufactured and installed:

    Siropovarochny boiler
    Blended capacity
    Capacity for inversion
    Plate heat exchanger
    Land Water Treatment — Cascade seven stage water purification system.

Just installed and started bottling line with a capacity of 5 million bottles. / Hour (at the moment the product is bottled in glass bottles of 0.5 liters). As part of the line:

    Rotary rinse MM1 (MEGAMASH)
    Polish rotary filling machine
    Rotary closing machine, upgraded under the plug "Crown Twist"
    The inspection station
    The tunnel heating / cooling MM9 (MEGAMASH)
    Drying system packaging MAS (MEGAMASH)
    Rotary etiketavtomat for applying self-adhesive labels, with new applicators PackLab.
    Semi-automatic shrink wrapping on the tray.
    The system of conveyors and accumulation table (MEGAMASH) using components LongLife.

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