MEP Marek Migalski took the patronage over Dmitry Bondarenko

Marek Migalski, Member of the European Parliament from Poland, a representative of the European Parliament Delegation for Relations with Belarus, took the "patronage" of political prisoner Dmitry Bondarenko in the framework of the human rights organization Libereco.

In announcing its decision, Marek Migalski said:


Marek Migalski

"I would like to express my strong support for one of the political prisoners, Dmitry Bondarenko, who was sentenced to two years in prison for taking part in demonstrations against the rigged presidential election December 19, 2010. I admire his courage and his activities. Dmitry Bondarenko fought the regime in for a long time, and during the 2010 elections, he was the coordinator of the campaign "European Belarus" and the trustee candidate Andrei Sannikov. The trial Dmitry Bondarenko did not meet democratic standards. It is evident that the verdict politically motivated. I urge the Belarusian authorities to drop the charges with Dmitry Bondarenko and demand his release. "

The company "Patronage of the political prisoners" was launched by the human rights organization Libereco — Partnership for Human Rights in support of political prisoners and their families.

Earlier this week Member of the Bundestag faction of the Greens, the coordinator for Eastern Europe Marieluise Beck took patronage over the former candidate for the presidential elections Andrei Sannikov.

The purpose Libereco — that every political prisoner in Belarus received such moral and political patronage support from the German parliament.

As reported by "Freedom" in the Bureau of Marieluise Beck, the desire to support the Belarusian political prisoners are representatives of almost all the parliamentary groups.

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