Mermaids — life in water

January 13, 2013 2:08

From a school course in biology, everyone knows that the origin of life on Earth was in the water, and in the process of evolutionary development of water being constantly improved. Modern science has completely agree with the fact that man's ancestors lived in the water element. However, so far there is no consensus about whether there was (and maybe still is) a highly developed civilization ichthyoids people.

Mermaid, siren, undine, Vila, sous-kz, merrow — all names for the same unusual aquatics in the languages of different people. For information about meetings with mermaids found in the ancient epic, and a description of the external characteristics of these creatures in the legends of the world remarkably similar. According to most of these descriptions, Fishman have binocular vision (eyes looking at one point), which allows the ropes under water. These creatures have hair, human-like face, the teeth are sharp, "shark", have gills and fins instead of limbs are. Scales man — amphibians formed from keratinized skin folds. Mention of mermaids were noted even in ancient manuscripts, which spoke of the underwater kingdom danavas. They also mentioned in the writings of Aristotle, Plato and Herodotus, who did not consider the existence of Fishman something out of the ordinary, but it has been suggested in the depths of water created civilization intelligent humanoids. Christopher Columbus claimed that he personally saw myself playing sirens.

Historical records are full of events just about meetings mysterious creatures. According to eyewitnesses, in the fourteenth and fifteenth in Lake Van in Armenia lived "sea" people, with one report of such a creation is dated XVIII century. It says that about a year at Oxford Castle lived unseen monster, caught in the sea. Interesting event applies to 1717, when the coast of Borneo, was caught by a strange creature, whose image has survived to this day — and the image of his remarkably similar to the mermaid. Sounds made by a strange monster, reminiscent squeaking mice (the ultrasound not like dolphins?). According to testimony from 50 witnesses, and it lived for 4 days in a tub filled with water, and then died.

Some scientists have seriously studied the question of the existence and origin of mermaids. Karl Banse, a zoologist from the United States, conducted a thorough analysis of the available data on the Fishman. Based on these data, he concluded that there were even a mermaid in the XIX century. So, in 1902, it was reported from Scotland from teacher William Moreau, who claimed that he had met at one of the beaches being strikingly similar to the siren, which sat on a rock, but when he saw a man at once dived into the water. Interviews with local residents, the teacher realized that he was not the only one who has seen such a creature.

However, not only the living "rusalopodobnyh" beings were able to observe the people, in 1823 the British Museum exhibited interesting exhibit — a stuffed mermaid, two instances are protected by the Royal College. London valuable trophies were destroyed during the Nazi raid. Also recorded on the river find Vizhes in 1979. It was found by a monster with hairy body and a long tail.

Information about meetings with mermaids more than enough, but how are the representatives of the underwater kingdom to people? Entries in the ancient chronicles say that mermaids female previously very eager to go to the contact with people who are not excluded, and intimate relationships. However, the rash man's inhumanity to being distinct from it, contributed to distancing mermaids from human contact. Fishman killed just like that, out of fear or interest (as was the case with the seven mermaids in the XVI century, which were dissected for research), and despite the fact that much harm to people they did not cause. Even there are cases where the mermaid dragged drowning in the water people, helped them to reach the shore.
But most of the mermaids attributed insidious nature.

Medieval sailors were afraid to hear the singing of the sirens, as it led to an irresistible urge to mindlessly jump into the deep, which caused the death of the whole crew.

As stated earlier, the mermaid can be from a different evolutionary branch — the underwater race of people. Another version connects the origin of mermaids with the evil spirit, the spirit world, which explains their desire to harm a person. People who lived side by side with nature to avoid encounters with mermaids, as these cunning creatures every effort to lure people to the depth or until death could tickle him on the ground.

Year by year, information about the mysterious "sea people" are becoming less common. Still, even a century ago, the most common evidence of meetings with mermaids belonged to a female, with excellent appearance, and sought to seduce any man. Detail is quite interesting, because the mermaids attributed to the ability of telepathy, transformation and hypnosis. And given the fact that cases of encounters with male rybolyudmi very rare, it can be assumed that such a mermaid trying to continue their family, and for that "mimic" a beautiful maidens. Have come down from antiquity legends say that mermaids are able to give birth to a child on the relationship with the man. Children born of such a union could be completely normal people and live on land or inherited traits mother — a mermaid and live in the water element.

Puzzles on many of these amazing creatures, but can only hope that humanity has ever yet come to a fairly high intellectual level in order to establish conflict-free contacts with other intelligent civilizations that exist on one planet with us.

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