Mermen and mermaids — a reality?

January 30, 2012 2:50

Really fabulous mermaids can be very real creatures that lived from time immemorial in the seas, rivers and lakes? A positive answer to this question is difficult to imagine, but the evidence suggests that human-beings can actually live in the water.

Her back and chest were women … her skin was very white … She had long black hair and a tail like a dolphin

In 1963 Kagul Meadowlands, near the Soviet-Romanian border, a young lieutenant A border west to hunt in the reeds heard the man moan. It was coming from the other side, where the shore was excavator employed in land reclamation. Soon managed to find the one who published the plaintive sounds. It was a creepy-looking humanoid creature male, totally naked with black and brown-skinned, with long matted hair and beard. Between the fingers, he had the ear. The right hand was being injured and covered in blood.

"Water" or something probulkal or quacked, showing good hand is on the wound, then the excavator. It became clear that the poor fellow was hooked bucket during reclamation works. Z. approached essentially got a first aid kit, processed and bandaged the wound. Soon he felt much better, "water" broken reed, made her breathing tube and disappeared in the water. The border guard had just noticed that his feet were like flippers, with large webbed.

This story was published in the anthology "It can not be" in 1991. As correctly noted cryptozoologist MG Bykov, in this story there is a certain amount of implausibility: aquatic creatures ought not to use a straw to breathe … Although XV — XVI centuries, people like waterfowl with webbed hands and feet, and described the travelers met in Lake Van ( Turkey).

Humanoid aquatics

Mention of water and mermaids appear in the folklore of many peoples from very ancient times. In 1608, the mermaid saw sailors from the ship Henry Hudson. They noted: "Her back and chest were feminine … her skin was very white … she had long black hair and a tail like a dolphin."

In 1830, the inhabitants of the island in the Hebrides Benbekyula collecting algae seen frolicking off the coast of a strange creature. Outwardly it looked like a little girl with long black hair. White soft skin and huge breasts attracted extraordinary admiration of half of mankind, men have tried to catch the little mermaid, and one of the boys ran to her stone.

Although the mermaid disappeared under the water, the stone still has overtaken her, and the blow was fatal. A couple of days corpse mermaid washed ashore the island. Almost all the inhabitants of the island came to look at it being lost. If his upper half almost resembled a human, then the lower ended with a huge fish tail. There was no doubt that it was a real mermaid. Because of its strong resemblance to the man power of the city even had ordered to make for the lost tomb and make a shroud, soon the most unusual in the world of funeral — funeral mermaid … Unfortunately, attempts in our time to find her grave failed.

Unfortunately, such evidence is not evidence for scientists, they believe that the witnesses took for mermaids seal brown dolphins, manatees and sea cows. However, these above sea animals are not found in freshwater lakes, who then took over the mermaids in them?

Perhaps even more difficult to assume that the identification of marine animals could be mistaken professional diver who encountered him face to face. In one of his books
Bermuda Triangle Charles Berlitz Fragments report diver — professional from Miami, who in 1968 had the opportunity to meet the water with a terrible sea "monkey." Here are some details of this sensational meeting.

"We were at the edge of the continental shelf — wrote in a report diver — south of the lighthouse, Great Isaac Light. A special 10-meter boat for submarines and rescue me slowly towed by a rope, and I examined the sandy bottom, the depth of which is 11-13 meters I was at a sufficient depth to watch and the bottom front of the boat. Suddenly I saw something round, like a turtle or a big fish. To see an animal, I went deeper. It turned and looked at me. He had a monkey face, head, stretched forward. The neck is much longer than that of turtles, and 4 times the human. Looking at me, a monster, like a snake, bending the neck. His eyes, like human, have been much larger. The person being like a monkey, but with eyes adapted to underwater life. Looked at me searchingly at last, being retired, though he pushed some force. "

According to Berlitz, the diver was lucky that the monster was hidden in an underwater cave in the Bahamas because there are legends about such a snake-necked creature that lives under water in caves and occasionally eats people.

Meetings with the Caspian Rusal

In 2007, people amphibians are more often met in the Caspian. Explain this by saying that intensive oil production, geophysical explosions in the search for new deposits of black gold made these mysterious inhabitants of the sea to leave the familiar habitats, where before they were quite well hidden from people.

In March 2007, the sailors fishing trawler "Baky" even managed to take a picture of this mysterious creature. In an interview the captain of the trawler Gafar Hasanov said: "A strange creature long floated far away, going on a parallel course. At first we thought it was a big fish. But then noticed that the monsters on the head are clearly visible hair, and the front fins are not fins and … hands! "

After appearing in the newspaper interview the captain of his meetings with the man-amphibian have been reporting and other witnesses, some of them have even seen this creature on the beach and could well consider it. Here is a description of how the Caspian RUSAL (so nicknamed the creature) on the basis of eyewitness gives journalist Mikhail Kostin: "… Height 165 — 168 cm, thick, with convex, comb stomach pinnipeds feet, with four toes webbed hands. Leather lunar color. Hard black and green hair. His arms and legs slightly shorter and thicker than the average person. Nails grow not only on the fingers, and on the tip of the nose gorbovidnogo, forming something like a dolphin's beak. Ears are not visible. The eyes are large and round. Mouth large, with a protruding upper jaw. The lower lip is no chin smoothly into the neck, get something like a reduced similarity shark jaws. "

It should be noted that a few years ago published an impressive picture of marine "fish-man" thrown dead on the shore of one of the foreign countries. So that witnesses might not always make for the mermaids, manatees, seals … Maybe our distant ancestor did not come down from the tree, and out of the water? By the way, this hypothesis in 1960 by British Professor Alister Hardy.

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