MIA: solved a case of theft of 29 million at a defense plant Star

July 17. In the Far East, disclosed the case of a major theft at a defense plant "Star." Former company director and his deputy are accused of embezzling more than 29 million rubles allocated for disposal of Russian nuclear submarines.

The investigation on the high-profile case began in March 2011. Then MVD revealed the fact of fraud to withdraw from circulation FSUE "Far East Plant" Zvezda "6,000,000 rubles. As explained in the Ministry of Interior in DFO, investigators at the time were inclined to believe that the funds were transferred to the ship repair company on the Russian-Japanese intergovernmental agreement on cooperation in the elimination of nuclear weapons to be the reduction in our state.

Indeed, in 2007 the plant was awarded an extremely lucrative contract for disposal of Russian nuclear submarines of class "Victor-3". The total cost of the work amounted to more than 780 million rubles. Funding was made by Japan. Upon learning that the authorities suspect director of the company in the illegal manipulation of financial assets dedicated to recycling, the Japanese side even sent a special note to the Russian government, which has expressed concern about what is happening.

"But later version of that derived from the plant is Japanese money has not been confirmed," — said the deputy head of the inter-regional investigation department of the Investigative Directorate of the MOI of Russia Far Eastern Federal District Alexander Tretyakov. According to him, the head of the enterprise, immediately gave instructions for the transfer of funds, simply took advantage of a screen of capital-intensive contract, and actually finance went from the total revenues of the plant.

The investigation revealed three episodes of criminal activity director of "Stars" and his deputy. The total amount of damage, according to the Interior Ministry, was 29 million rubles.

The conclusion and the subsequent encashment occurred by means of fictitious contracts concluded between the plant and nearby front companies. All the contractual work FEP "Star" was in charge of the second defendant, who took the 2005 chair of Deputy Director dockside, according to the Interior Ministry.

"Objects contracts were different. Specifically, one of them firm agreed to make up for the" Stars "list of equipment and components containing precious metals and equipment utilized within the submarine," — said the head of the Main Investigation Department of the Interior of Russia Alexander Ilyin DFO.

He explained that in fact the list was drawn up for a long time specialized research community, but the director, knowing that this work has already been paid once, authorized the transfer to the accounts of the commercial organization of nearly 6 million. Subsequently, they were cashed, said Ilyin.

"In the scheme of illegal disposal of financial assets were involved in several others. They are installed. Material against them appears in its own production", — the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition to performing work on government contracts, the collective of "Stars" has provided commercial services for the construction and repair of various vessels. Not all clients in time were calculated for the work done.

"The director agreed with one of the managers of the enterprise that for a cash reward that will help eliminate debt counterparties FEP" Star ", — said Alexander Tretyakov — but in fact the mediator was ordinary fraud. Took the money, but no action in respect of partners of the plant did not take . in respect of the citizen in the same material appears in its own production. "

During the investigation, the two main defendants initially cooperated with law enforcement.
The two former top manager accused of crimes under paragraph 4 of Article 160 of the Criminal Code (embezzlement committed in large scale). The maximum sanction of the article provides a prison term of 10 years.

Given that the former head of the assisted the investigation, his case will be reviewed by the district court Shkotovsky Primorsky Territory in a specific order.


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