Military experts have rejected the new «Kalashnikov»

Military experts have rejected the new
New AK-12 failed preliminary tests as combat complex equipment «Warrior.» Implements standards of the Concern «Izhmash» — «Kalashnikov», not staged or accuracy of the professionals or reliability or ergonomics, report «Izvestia» with reference to the army headquarters.

Source publication noted that the manufacturer of the AK-12 have a month to address identified shortcomings guns. If concern meet this deadline, the Ministry of Defense allow its products to municipal testing. But he doubted that it could be. The guide enterprises set to continue the struggle for the order and promise to fit the Defense Ministry to make all the necessary improvements.

Competitor AK-12 preparatory tests was Degtyarev machine — an instrument made on the basis of machine AEK-971, which was developed in the 80s of the last century. Among its distinctive features include automatic equilibrium system that compensates for the impact of the shot. According to the official newspaper, this machine showed the best accuracy and precision shooting.

As explained by the publication of a representative of Army Staff, the final decision on bulk purchases will be made in 2014 after the municipal testing and trial operation in the army. With all this, he noted that even if the «Kalashnikov» not meet the deadline, it is also automatic «take to shoot.»

Development of the AK-12 began in June 2011, and in January of 2012 he made his first show. Machine will be available in 2-versions: light — under the classic crotch 5,45? 39, 5.56? 45, 7.62? 39 mm and heaviest — chambered for the 7.62? 51 mm (NATO). In the coming based on it is planned to create about 20 models of small guns civilian and military use.

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