Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (13.05.2013) Watch online

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (13.05.2013) Watch online
1. Corruption in the U.S. Army, how many stolen gallant South American generals?
2. What is rather weak link: the APCs as bad fighters finalizing with a hammer and chisel.
3. The best ships since the second World War: the legend zabugornogo fleet.
4. Underground town: who built the ancient unique building structures?
5. Terra Incognita: Where is the prince's land and Sannikov why long years Russian authorities concealed that Kolchak had dreamed it to find?
6. This magnificent world: why The universe is living on anomalous laws?
7. Taut string: riddle detachment of archers of the country of the Rising Sun.
8. Submachine gun Dragunov all the secrets of the Russian guns.
9. Errors in self-defense: how to behave so as not to give the enemy a chance?
10. Riddle water: why researchers say that water has information memory.

The military secret — a series of programs

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