Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (20.05.2013) Watch online

Military Secret of Igor Prokopenko (20.05.2013) Watch online
— Ordered to kill: How the CIA in the 90s fell apart our country;
— "Eagle Claw": a bad trade secret U.S. military special operations;
— Prick "Needle": how Russian missiles shot down the vaunted South American fighters;
— Riddle Orsis: the brand new Russian sniper rifle struck the whole world;
— Giants vs men: a sensational version of a light on the earth's population;
— The Lost World: how could happen in ancient times a nuclear war;
— Naughty Neighbors: How can look our brothers on reason and why they do not want us to be friends;
— Many years later: the true story of French musketeers, and the tragic fate of Marshal by the name of D'Artagnan;
— Kung Fu all lurking East;
— Soul

The military secret — a series of programs

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