Minister Kuleshov: Court of Justice will be open

"For there is not a one person, who doubts that it was found by those who are related to the explosion at the metro station "October" — said during an online conference hosted by the BTRC Interior Minister Anatoly Kuleshov.

"They produced an explosive device. Now comes the assessment of the evidence, which are identified in the course of a criminal investigation. President tasked as soon as possible to provide quality, complete, objective investigation of the criminal case in order to have a final assessment is in court. I like the Minister of Internal Affairs doubt that these are the persons not. I think that even after the trial, there will be people who will doubt that we are brought to justice is those people . "

Kuleshov called "insinuations" media reports that the detainees could not themselves make an explosive device and so well organized explosion in the subway, and that for them, they say, there are some special services.

"The point in this case put the court. If the court will make its decision, and I think that this young man (who asked the question) is also no longer doubt, the more I think that the court will be open and can be personally all to observe and evaluate, even without being an expert, and then come to my conclusion — this is true or not. "

To the question, stop the mandatory fingerprinting after the suspects were found in the blasts, the Minister Kuleshov said, "No, this need not disappeared. The law will be implemented and further. " He also said that today "we have covered virtually 90 percent of those who are subject to fingerprinting." And by May 1, "we have to report to the president."

No arrests NO

When asked why, in the country, despite the fact that the terrorists are caught, continuing arrests and detention, the Minister Kuleshov said:

"I do not know what it is about. No arrests, no arrests there. Those who are detained are actually in the detention center. Neither more nor less. "

As to who will suffer punishment for not having taken steps to prevent a terrorist attack on the subway, Mr. Kuleshov said:

"Yes, perhaps it is the police and the underground. We are in the Ministry of Internal Affairs had been three office checks, and all materials sent to the head of the investigative group in charge of this investigation — Senior Advisor of Justice Ivan Swedes. There will be a legal assessment. "

Father and older brother by bombing suspect arrested

When asked how many suspects are now in the blast case, is it true that the detainee's father and elder brother of singer terrorist attack, the Minister Kuleshov said:

"Yes, they are with us — father and older brother. But the decision on the election of further preventive measures will be taken by an investigator, the head of investigation — or take on his own recognizance, or leave detention. As long as we have them. "

If you will be charged?

Minister Kuleshov has yet to name a specific timeframe:

"I will not mention a specific time frame right now, as the case is still under investigation, no need to rush. Better longer, in my understanding, in this regard, but high quality, fully and comprehensively. "

"If we do not invest in two months, we can extend the investigation up to the point where we are firmly convinced that all the contradictions in the criminal case in the investigation are eliminated, that is, carried out an objective, thorough and comprehensive investigation of the criminal case" .

As to how the explosion in the subway impact on citizens' attitudes and confidence in the government, Kuleshov said he does not think that "the trust of citizens in relation to the current government fell or dropped."

Preparing three more attacks

Minister Kuleshov also confirmed that the three were preparing terrorist attacks. However, he refused to tell the details, "because there is a consequence." The names of the suspects in the blast case, he did not name, but said that "counts is enough, and motives are clarified in the course of a criminal investigation."



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