Ministry of Interior to protect their ranks of psychopaths with the latest equipment

The police department buys hardware systems that will calculate the unbalanced people among employees

Russian Interior Ministry intends to defend its ranks of unbalanced staff are able to repeat the massacre, had pitched in a Moscow supermarket infamous Major Denis Onkar. Office purchases for 25 million rubles at once 156 sets of "psycho-diagnostic hardware and software systems" (APPDK), by which the experts will check the psychological state employees.

The Interior Ministry explained that the first will be held on APPDK psychological diagnosis as candidates for the service, and existing employees and their families. Under the test will get the officers who were transferred to the reserve or who have received the appointment to high office.

Check for APPDK will be employees who have access to weapons and go on missions to hot spots. It's no secret that it was after these special missions have previously balanced people have nervous breakdowns. With the new equipment will also assess the psychological climate in the team.

The program is set to store the data for at least 10 thousand employees and have proven protection against access to information by unauthorized persons.

— Now MIA very carefully approaches the staff composition, so additional professional and personal checks of people never hurts, — Explained the "News" in the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. — Complexes APPDK shown to be effective, so decided to buy the first batch and send them to various departments.

One of the leading Russian manufacturers APPDK is the Scientific and Production Center "DIP", working in the Russian market since 1994 and currently represents the range of systems "Multipsihometr."

In "Izvestia" explained that outwardly APPDK is a computer with special software and a set of special peripherals: spetsklaviaturoy, block psychomotor tests, joysticks, pedals, headphones.

According to the psychologist SPC "DIP" Olga heat itself diagnostics can be conducted, for example, in the form of a dialogue, when the subject performs the test tasks imposed on it the system on a computer monitor. In the so-called method of blank test group issued to fill the pre-defined system of forms.

Experts say that with the help APPDK can assess the level of compliance of professional qualities of the candidate imposed on a particular post, to predict the effectiveness of its future activities, and to identify possible deviations in behavior.

— The study of the relationship in a team with APPDK reveals the problematic aspects of interpersonal communication, friendship and conflict pair, set of explicit and implicit leaders to examine the motivation of the group, which in turn helps to determine the optimal composition of the team, able to effectively perform the tasks, — Explains the "News" Olga Teplova.

Test results for both text and graphics are issued immediately after the examination.

One of the first to use such equipment started in the early 2000s, the Ministry of Defence. At present, the complexes used the FSB, the Interior Ministry, Federal Drug Control Service.

Renowned forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov, during the Soviet years headed the psychological service of the Interior Ministry, said that he was one of the initiators of the revival of these units and the introduction of APPDK.

— I discussed the purchase of such systems with the management of Ministry of Internal Affairs last summer, — Said the "News" professor.

He estimates that more than 150 sets will be enough for all of the Interior Ministry. First APPDK should be sent to all military medical commissions. According to Vinogradova must be kept constant control over operatives and employees returning from hot spots.

— This will pose a barrier for psychopaths, unbalanced people and those who go to the Interior Ministry, to get a gun or even a gang, — Said Mikhail Vinogradov.

According to him, in the case of such testing to the police would not have got out of the infamous sadists Kazan OP "Far." The case of Major Yevsyukov he does not consider revealing, explaining that the young officer, Ministry of Internal Affairs, in his childhood lechivshiysya three times in a mental hospital, made a career at the expense of great links.

Experts believe that the 156 sets APPDK — but a necessary minimum for the Interior Ministry.

A member of the newly established Commission for further reform of the Interior Ministry, one of the founders of the first units to combat organized crime, Lieutenant General Alexander Gurov endorses the use APPDK.

— Ministry of Internal Affairs has set a powerful barrier against the background of continuing psihopatizatsii and alcoholism in society, — Said Gurov.

— We will not soon of whom will choose! We need to find the net in the swamp fish, — Says a veteran of the Interior Ministry. 

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