Miraculous place of Russia: Blue-stone save from harm?

December 6, 2011 13:12

For centuries, people believed in the existence of sites which can do wonders. In these corners, covered with ancient legends, travel to find happiness or despair by giving the "place of power" the last hope of a cure, here with child care and trepidation perform ancient rituals to attract the love or luck or to protect the family from harm. One of these amazing places — Blue-stone at Pleshcheeva lake.

How to Find

Blue-stone lies at the foot of Mount Alexander's (this is the current name of the ancient geographical Yarilin bald head), which is near the town of Pereslavl. Find it easy — for a variety of parked cars with numbers from different regions, the abundance of ribbons tied to the branches of trees and bushes on a small group of pilgrims, who all come and go to a wonderful place. Stone surface is dotted with small change, flowers. Particularly fervent even try to feed the stone — often it is possible to see sweets, bread or slices of fruit. Are applied to the stone sore spot, stroking it, it cry in his energy field, "charge" the various items, then to use them as charms …

Travel Stone Pilgrim

Blue-stoneFrom the mountain, which is now installed Orthodox cross, a stunning view of Lake Pleshcheyevo fantastic. Impressive on the shore of the lake is blue oval oval blue stone. It was from here, from the top Yarilin bald head, and started once a long and mysterious history of miraculous blue stone. How did a huge boulder weighing 12 tonnes this is not the rocky terrain of central, still remains a mystery. The most plausible explanation — brought a lump here, most likely, of Ladoga, Onega-area gathering of Scandinavian glacier. First, according to researchers, found the miracle of the Finno-Ugric tribe from the pagans Meria. They broke in Lake Pleshcheeva settlement, and Hsin-stone then served as the altar of the sanctuary. Spirit, who lives in the stone, carrying gifts and sacrifices.

Later settled our folk rock of the Novgorod land and Dnieper. It was then a lump named Sin-stone, and the mountain, at the foot of which he was lying, Yarilin mountain. Stone was considered the heart Yarily — Sun God, it was decorated with flowers, bushes and trees near it — ribbons, youth drove around the dances.

Blue-stoneWith the arrival of Orthodoxy in Russia did not want people to forget the stone deity. Despite the prohibition of priests, "dense folk" continue to come to the shrine with their requests and expectations. Deciding to get rid of the stone, the clergy threw him from the mountain, but it is only the pilgrims easier task — they have to come to the foot of Yarilin bald head. At the beginning of XVIII century church deacon Pereslavl Semenovskoy Annufriy blessed Reverend Irinarkhov Rostov, decided to bury the stone — at the foot of the pagan shrines dug a huge hole, piled there a giant stone and covered with earth. But after 15 years of rock miraculously "dug up" and again on the same spot.

Clergy to continue the war. In 1788 it was decided to lay it out for the foundation being built while Dukhovskoi church, that the cross seal of the old enemy. But the plan went awry. Stone set up on a cart and dragged across the ice of Lake Pleshcheeva. Ice breaks, and the stone went to the five-foot depth. The clergy of the cross over their foreheads and sighed with relief. Early, as it turned out. The fishermen, who had gone to the lake, have argued that the stone is slowly but surely moving towards the coast. In the stories could not believe it, if after thirty years boulder was not exactly in the same place from which had been taken away.

Hypothesis, theory and belief

Blue-stoneScientists paranormalschiki, metaphysics, esoteric advanced a series of theories to explain, to put it mildly, strange behavior of the blue giant. Nominated version — the movement of soil and changing the gravitational field to the intersection of the energy in this place of power channels, the so-called ley lines. But whatever scientific or mystical theory neither cited in explanation walks Xin-stone inevitably begin to believe that the block with such a history, "to listen to" a number of plaintive requests and secret desires, to see so many sufferers and the lucky ones are the focus of human misery and hope — already not just a stone, but a place to communicate with a higher power, in whose power and desire to perform, and to cure diseases, and put to death, and mercy.


Today the stone for some unknown reason goes underground. Even 40 years ago, he towered above almost tall as a man, now on the strength of 30-40 cm from the ground. There is a beautiful but sad version that Sin-stone appears before the onset of better times, and disappears on the eve of adversity.

What to ask the blue stone?

Blue-stoneAccording to the local old-timers and psychics, Blue-stone has beneficial effects on human and emotionally, and physically. The soul is charged with energy and optimism, and the body is filled with health. They say the stone helps with bronchial asthma, psoriasis, dermatoses, is getting back to normal pressure, are headaches and heartaches. There are cases when a cold is just a few hours after the man stood on the Blue stone.

The stone can make a wish. One has to stand barefoot on a rock and ask him about the most cherished.

In addition, the stone magically protect children's health, women's healing from infertility, and the stronger sex gives virility.

They say

By Xin-stone should not even come near, if you're drunk or hung over. Remnants of the stone pick, and may severely punished. No wonder around in the trees you can find dozens of ominous announcement: "Help! Installed! "

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