MSU leads the world in the field of supercomputing

Rector of Moscow State University Viktor Sadovnichiy informed today by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the implementation of the development of the university. "The first phase of the program, designed in 2020, last year completed", — said the rector. "MSU has achieved good results," — he said.

Sadovnichiy explained that the development of the university is carried out on ten priority areas, and is one of the main training. "We first moved to its own standard," — said Sadovnichiy. "The training part of the program is developing very well," — he added, stressing that this was confirmed by the increased competition in the Moscow State University.

Another important aspect of the work of the Rector called on supercomputers. "We are a leader in the world and successfully compete with national centers in the U.S. and Japan," — he said. According to him, today's supercomputers MSU running 600 teams and 200 more are in the queue. Thanks to the calculations done at MSU, was, in particular, created a new drug, set a world record in cryptography, as well as many other of the results achieved.

According Sadovnichego, we are developing work at MSU in the field of space exploration. Sadovnichiy informed Putin that this year launched its own satellite MSU third. This joint project of the Moscow State University and the Indian University allows us to study the effect of radiation, as well as the near-Earth space.

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