Mysteries of human psychology

Human psychology sometimes presents a real surprise. It seems that there is nothing extraordinary in the behavior of a normal person should not expect, but it so happens that any external stimulus can lead to unexpected consequences. Psychologists and psychiatrists often state the absolutely inexplicable aggression when a man, who had seemed all meek, suddenly ready to just turn everything upside down. In early tests, the boys help to detect abnormalities in the development of the psyche, but psychologists often have to deal with so-called controlled destructions psychological states.

In other words, a person even at a young age can understand that the outcome of the test depends on his mental diagnosis, and thus suppresses his manifestations of reality and tries to respond according to an adequate psychology of personality. He just chooses the answers that "make" it looks healthy. These cases are the most difficult, but the work of many professionals in the field of psychoanalysis allows us to solve this problem. To identify artificial answers a special test dummy, which shows how a person wants to deceive the researcher. Questions such traps can be introduced into the body of the main test and show what a person is deceiving others, or his mind is clear.

Psychological testing is often directed at the identification of special abilities in humans. For example, in Soviet times, a unique psychological experiment was conducted on the compatibility of the crew during the preparation for the flight to Mars. Three men have been planted for a year in a private room, and all the specialists had to watch the behavior of the subjects. Within days of people in a confined space began to fall apart. First, they need to lower the noise in the room, then began to conflict with each other, and then completely stopped talking, and then it almost was not reached until this fight. One of the subjects was not able to follow through on the middle phase of psychological research was out of the tests. The other two experiments completed, but the researchers acknowledged the result unsatisfactory. So, if people are not able to positively conclude the experiment on earth, and in flight to the Red Planet may be all sorts of negative manifestations.

Today another test with the new conditions. And it is possible that by 2020, the human foot stepped onto the surface of Mars.

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