Mysterious creatures — brownies

October 12, 2011 21:17

In the popular mind has long lived about the essence of staying close to the invisible man. People are always subdivided these beings into good and evil, some careful, other tried to make contact, to enlist their support and help. Most of the natural spirits — they are creatures of the astral world, and one of them, a man who was still able to communicate so far — it houses.

Mysterious creatures - brownies

The word house appeared in Russia in the 17th century. However representation of the spirit of the yard and the house, similar to some of the manifestations with the home, find in the records relating to the 15th century. And talking about these creatures is to start with the fact that they do exist, regardless of whether we believe in them or not. They live with us, in almost every country house, in every city apartment near the TV and computer.

Mysterious creatures - brownies

On invisible occupants of their homes in Russia always spoke with dignity and respect. Prevented not only swear by their name, but even afraid to say it out loud, so as not to offend the invisible neighbor. Respectfully called "master", "grandfather", "supporter", "sosedushko", "myself."

Let's you and I suppose that house — a reality, and that this visit from a parallel world. Then immediately raises many questions. Chance that they fall into our world or deliberately drawn to people's houses? What attracts them to one home and alienating others? What keeps them in our world do not want to go away or can not get out? So what is this mysterious "Grandpa"?

Mysterious creatures - brownies

Brownie — spirit bright and not black, as it is the common man, is it good and bad. Brownies — being materialistic. They settle with us, because it is profitable. They receive food and shelter and pay the man for this is that it helps in all matters. Very often in families that are descended from a distant past, a living entity. Therefore, home often take root in families who choose their own and live in them for as long as the race is not extinct.

Brownie is good to holy symbols, is not afraid of prayer, is not affected by expulsive ceremonies, even cock, who fears all evil spirits, it is not terrible. All of this means there is no hostility on the part of the force to the person. It manifests itself as a friendly host to people at home, but first and foremost protects not only your home, but most of all the aura surrounding space. One of his works — is to clean house of negative energy, which brings people from outside. But if the house is still young, not gained strength, and a lot of work, it begins to weaken and then the house is in decline.

Very often the house can come to the house and at will and pulls him there in the first place, the character of the people. The house, home to hard-working people, and the house is the same: to monitor the economy, does not happen in fire, invisibly wakes owners in an emergency. If the host is lazy, and a house is not particularly trying to attract wealth into the house, and profit. Nice house in the house, the owners get on with it, then there will be wealth, happiness, peace of mind and trouble will bypass a house party.

Very pronounced character of houses in his great concern for pets, horses and cows. He feeds them and treats, but it happens sometimes capricious in choosing suit cattle. If houses have hated beast, it hurts her in every way, and certainly izvedet, if the owner of her time does not get rid of. But, having received his cattle "Suit", to his liking, he cares for her, water them, braids horses mane. These "spit" in no case be untwist.

Similarly, the house weaves and hair confuses people. Here is one such striking examples: "My mom and picking berries in the woods and did not notice the dark. Decided in the dark to find my way back, and spend the night in a nearby village. Let us spend the night in a new house, where no one lived. Mistress of a bed for us on the floor, said good night and left. The night passed, like, quiet. But in the morning I found my lovely tresses were unwinding and turned into some horrible cocoon. All hair was confused, and as if smeared with whipped resin. Ribbons lay two meters away from the bed. It took three hours out to comb the hair and lead in order. In some places had to cut off the whole strand. Tears of pain and hurt I spilled a lot. Looking at my torment, owner sadly shook her head, and suddenly said, "Oh, my dear child, it's your hair at night" grandfather — susedushka "played, seen, they loved him, he had them take away from you, that's for sure — will choose." Got home fine, and a week later found out that I was bitten by a tick encephalitis. I was in hospital for six weeks, was constantly tormented by terrible headaches, and hair had to cut off. "

The main feature of the houses is the ability to perform its role of mediator between humans and other spirits. As an example, the existence of the rite of sacrifice in homes for Treefolk. This was done in case of loss of livestock, which is lost in the woods. He could stand up to the forest owner to a man reclaim unfairly selected a cow or a horse.

While brownies are very friendly and sociable, but not to everyone, even to his family, they give birth to friendships. Therefore, when a new tenant must ask brownie, so it does not hurt him, found his own, took the patronage came to visit a relative, was born to save the child, not scare the animals. If your house has a hidden assistant, and you could make friends with him, then you are very lucky, because you will not only be able to get answers to your questions, but also enlist the support of the "little" friend. But we do not turn to him for help, he does not want to help us. And if you take it seriously, feed, talk, and then he can help as far as possible.

Feed this astral being necessary in a literal sense, but absorbs it, of course, not the food itself, and its power. It eats aura of water and mostly aura pastry. You left my father-houses of fresh bread on the table, and the next morning a slice already weathered, darkened, the taste is not and there can not be. But, putting the food, tell it to him. Custom of "appeasement" of houses there is a very long time. Most often, as an offering, used bread, milk or cereal, speaking a phrase appropriate to the expression of good intentions and to take concrete house under protection. Brownie, as it's not very bright creatures of the astral world, does not like sunlight and therefore lives in secluded places home, where it is dark, warm, dry, and no one will disturb you.

Mysterious creatures - brownies

Never forget the name-day of homes that fall in the night from 10 to 11 February. If this day you do not put him a treat, he will be offended, and will not help you a whole year. To avoid this, you can spend the next ritual: take a clean white cloth and a bed at night on the table, it is better in the kitchen, because the house usually live there. Put a treat on the cloth: a glass of water, a roll or a slice of fresh white bread, salt shaker with salt and saucer with sugar. With household agree to the kitchen until morning nobody came, and that may scare guests. Then go to the table and looking into the right corner of the kitchen, three say "uncle-house, master-master! You bread and salt, and I (your name) in this house happiness, health, harmony and love. " Then leave without looking back.

All you need to know you're in a dream. Why sleep? Brownie — it is the spirit, he can get into the dream and tell the hosts their name. And then if you need his help, thrice repeated to himself his name, and that will have to do next, he knows himself. But it can only be disturbed in case of emergency, not just curiosity.

Brownie with which people well and communicate the rules, can alert the owners of impending troubles or major changes in your life. Usually invisible, but only audible groans and cries house before disaster, bore down and crushes the man for change, already inevitable, but appears and becomes visible to disaster. Such stories — not such a rarity: "It all started 40 years ago: the night I felt that I was someone choking. I immediately woke up and felt a hand next to you something hairy, like a dog. Terribly frightened, and pushed her hand. Morning, a neighbor advised: "If more time comes, you ask — for better or worse?". I did just that, and he said under his breath, "Okay." Soon after I won the lottery, a very decent amount of money. " Or, "One night I was awakened by the feeling that someone is tickling me. Someone grabbed my sharp claws for the big toe and the other hand, covered with hair — is something tickling my foot. I instinctively jerked his foot, and he did not like. I was literally frozen with fear, was hiding under his feet lying beside her husband. Morning-in-law told him everything, and she explained it this way — house survives me out of the apartment. Indeed, we will soon have a new apartment. Prophecy brownie was good, so we invited him along. "

When communicating with us, are creatures of the astral world as a house can take all sorts of forms. Long lived in the same house brownie taking concrete features of the exterior, it reproduces the appearance of head of household, or some kind of a deceased relative. But the most common is the description: a small, hairy creature, or the Greatest Growth old man in a sheepskin coat, covered with hair.

Here's what the witness told us: "As a child I saw in the night in the house of the little old man. White dress, white hair and beard, a small body and a huge round head. One time he jumped on my chest and pressed me. I could clearly see his face, his eyes, the old man's short little legs could not reach even to bed. But still, I could not throw it, I could not scream, I could not move. But now, with the cry of, in a desperate effort I was able to reset it. He fell to the floor with a crash that shook everything in the house and rang. In my shout and roar replied the mother. After my long story she read a prayer and told me that it probably came brownie. "

Brownie is very much tied to a gracious host, and therefore, if he moves to another apartment, and through ignorance do not take it with him, he was very lonely. Therefore, when moving to a new home, be sure to invite him to a special ceremony, otherwise forgotten house can simply "fall apart."

If you want to make friends with your brownie no intermediaries you do not need, just try to find a common language with him, to know his habits, talk to him and make sure he listens to you. Your recognition is for him a great and joyful event. But if the house-you do not, we suggest to invite him into the house. For there, where he lives, more order, prosperity, and the family — way.

And as long as there is such knowledge, we believe that perhaps all is not lost to us in respect of the old traditions, maybe something else we can revive, not to forget the language used by the forces of the shadow world that created our ancestors.


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