Mystery Blood

December 12, 2011 23:04

Since ancient times, different cultures and civilizations of the Earth is treated with special respect to the blood in his mind giving this mysterious substance amazing, almost mystical properties.

 For millennia, the blood was one of the main elements of magical rites and rituals. The ancient Scythians, concluding important agreements, struck wounds of swords, express blood ritual cups of wine, which is then drank. Rite fraternization some "barbarian" tribes of Huns, the ancient Slavs, the Etruscans, and so on — was also associated with haggard "general" of the sacred blood vessel.

Another way of mixing the blood called "wedding." In contrast to the brotherhood, the people here have already inflicted wound each other, which became the highest degree of trust, and as they got together drank blood. A similar ceremony was common in the pagan period of the peoples of Eastern and Northern Europe, Central Asia, and was held during the wedding ceremony.

Actively used the blood of the ancient and traditional medicine. In particular, the shamans of Siberia, Kamchatka and South America are on the seriously ill tribe ritual bloodletting, along with a ritual. It was believed that with the blood of an infected person from his body and the evil spirits out — sources of disease. Later, the official science adopted a procedure of bloodletting as a perfectly acceptable method of treatment.

Hunters in Scandinavia and Northern Russia was taken ill person to sprinkle blood on the hunt produced a healthy and strong animal. Such blood often mixed into drugs, believing that it will give a feeble force that is needed to recover.

Spirits lower plane and atonement

At the dawn of civilization, considerable importance was also the ritual of "blood sacrifice." Often it used animal blood. However, the highest value has always had human blood, the receipt of which was accompanied by the infliction of "donor" excruciating pain. Thus, the ancient Aztec ritual was extended, during which the victim, elected from among the tribesmen, initially ripped chest, and then slowly cut out the heart, washing up gushing blood and sprinkling her altars. Vikings often hung over the captives sanctuaries, cut accidents swords body, forcing blood ooze on the altars of the pagan gods. In such instances, the esoteric XIX-XX centuries, forcibly shed blood emits special emanations that attract lower plane spirits, or demons, whose influence on the material world as a result of the execution of such cruel procedures magnified.

A somewhat different result gives voluntary blood sacrifice as a warrior or a martyr for the faith consciously on it for high ideas or good of their fellow men. In this case, the flow of blood from the surrounding space erases all the accumulated negative information and attracts Passion-bearer angelic essence. A striking example of this atoning sacrifice — a martyr's death on the cross of Jesus Christ.

"Blood — has a soul …"

Even in the Bible, in the book of Deuteronomy, it says: "The blood — has a soul …". Such a claim is completely refuted the idea of an established medical blood as a biological substance that serves only to carry the necessary chemicals to human organs. This utilitarian, materialistic approach is questioned repeatedly by prominent parapsychologists, esoteric, academic theologians and idealist philosophers.

In particular, known Novosibirsk psychic Lydia Matveev in his book "The energy field of blood" argues that even without resorting to the methods of biochemical analysis, but rather to investigate the press radiation blood can determine whether a person carries the burden of ancestral curse, and what diseases to be transferred to his descendants "up to the fourth generation." The author also writes that just hit the ground, the blood loses contact with the man and no longer emit the information obtained from the thin dense astral and the material world. Until that time, for example, even the traces not had time to dry the blood of victims killed by criminals, can provide very valuable information about the many circumstances of the crime, and even the identity of the killer.

French researcher Georges Tamo in the first half of XX century studied the blue blood, and believed that its special properties support the members of God's chosen people of noble families. So, Tamo wrote that it was the blue blood has the strongest influence on the character and inclinations of the individual. For example, if an ordinary family man, from the "bad" kind, mired in numerous atrocities, marries a member of the elite aristocratic families, the introduction of the noble blood of the fallen in moral ancestral branch off her much of the responsibility for the sins committed. Often, this leads to even ktomu that subsequent generations of becoming the "way of correction", leading the moral life.
J. Tamo also claimed that due to their extreme energy force blue blood in the old days was tempting prey for the vampires.

For medieval Kabbalists, dissolved in the blood two lower level plan soul ethereal and astral, and until the mid XIX century, remains convinced that vampires, feeding on the blood of victims, absorb their essential soul, or, figuratively speaking, the use life liquid form. As the chronicles are almost always victims of vampires were people not physically or morally flawed, and healthy and strong in spirit, whose blood was powerful fed, allow for the continuation of biological life creatures, which fell under the influence of the devil.

The basic concept of Lucifer — complete demonization of humanity

At the beginning of XX century, many esoteric believed that among the human race there are also those in whom flows "lyutsiferova blood." Direct confirmation of this — the biblical legend of the fall of man, which in different cultures have their own interpretation. In particular, the ancient traditions of the East say that in ancient times, some of the first people to appear on earth will of the Creator, have fallen into the temptation to break one of the main precepts, having joined the sinful relationship with demonic entities, thus mixing their blood with the blood of the fallen angels.

Since then, several hundred planet live births "lyutsiferovoy blood", and the rest of humanity, as an echo of old terrible sin, the blood contains a hidden gluten viscous substance that is considered in the esoteric science of matter of sin. It is believed that the result of several factors coming from the subtle world, gluten-free, compressed, generates human greed, egotism and selfishness, and expanding — the arrogance, pride and anger. One or another state of matter, sin — the rotation, repulsion, vibration and so on — are the cause of such a sinful condition of man, as lust, alcoholism, anger, gluttony, envy. Passed from generation to generation, like indestructible virus, gluten prevents the forces of light triumph over the forces of darkness, the power of which has grown immeasurably in our days, days of the last period of dark age of Kali Yuga (the mythical Indian history — the era, after which begins the update time).

Ingenious instrument for implementing the sinister plans of the forces of darkness have always been of the genera, marked "lyutsiferovoy blood." The creators of various secret societies and revolutionary, religious sects and pseudo-scientific doctrines, rulers of totalitarian states, hiding behind noble social, economic and pseudo-doctrines actually carried only one mission: design lyutsiferova plan related to the complete demonization of humanity. Prevent a conspiracy by the forces of darkness can only wholeheartedly acceptance of divine wisdom, can purify human blood from original sin and restore us once lost immortality.

Sergei Kozhushko
Secrets of the twentieth century, № 49 (Russia) 2011

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