Natalia Illinich seeks truth in the regional court

April 25 in the court of Minsk Region the examination of the appeal history teacher from the village of Talca Pukhovichi district Natalia Illinich. The teacher of the highest category asks the court to reconsider the decision Pukhovichi district, which upheld the decision of the administration Talkovskoy high school about her dismissal. At the same time continuing social solidarity action in support of Natalia Illinich.

On the eve of trial in Taltsy Natalia Illinich visited by senior officials from the Marina Hills and Minsk.

That's you and the white-red-white flag on the site and the square are you are. You were in the area? Well, you children will be taught? What we need is unity of the people to be, and that's it you are breaking

"Chairman of the Executive Committee Arrives Karalenya and Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee Schetko. He said that he came to speak on behalf of the Assistant to the President Ivanchanki. Says — well, it was necessary to give you a few months to finalize, but why would you teach children? That's you and the white-red-white flag on the site and the square are you are. You were in the area? Well, you children will be taught? What we need is the unity of the people, to make it, and here you are breaking it. Here's that tone he spoke to me, and nothing more specific, they did not tell me. "

History teacher of the highest category Natalia Illinich director Talkovskoy school Natalia Merkulov dismissed on January 27, after her home was searched in connection with the events of December 19 in Minsk. The official reason for dismissal — breach in the performance of official duties. PUKHOVICHY district court upheld the decision, despite numerous protests by fellow teachers, students and their parents.

Natalia Illinich who has a daughter, a student, trying to get a different job, but to no avail. It is still not earning. But social activists declared the action of solidarity and as a result of an unemployed teacher received no support from officials and ordinary people, she says.

Also remittances. Only translation I received 90 pieces

"Letters to me are, for example, just last three letters. Letters from different regions of Belarus — look at the addresses as a village, and in regional centers. Teachers write there, as well as many unknown individuals. Also remittances. Only translation I received 90 pieces. "

Pukhovichi district authorities also banned the rally in solidarity with Natalia Illinich who were going to spend social activists from several regions of Belarus. However, this does not stop the people and without the support of the teacher remains. Said one of the activists of Salihorsk Larissa Nasanovich:

"Community activists Natalia Illinich very sympathetic and rightly called it one of the most important issues of today. Indeed Natalia Illinich — one of many. Indeed, over the past fifteen years of layoffs involving people with active citizenship became more frequent. These people were professionals in their field, and as a result have been laid off. There were even tragic cases. When people part with their lives. We intend to make a list these people and to raise the issue. "

Community activists from different cities of Belarus will come to support Natalia Illinich also in the Minsk regional court.

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