National Geographic: Lost Kingdom of Tibet

January 19, 2013 21:33

Journey to Mustang ethnic region of Tibet. This is an area lamaiskogo Buddhism, where more preserved centuries-old traditions, ways of life and customs of indigenous Tibetans. We are waiting for the rare shooting acquaintance with yogis, lamas, Buddhist.

In this documentary film follows the journey to one of the most secretive and mysterious Tibetan kingdoms — the kingdom of Mustang. Travel, like a dream, a fairy tale, a period during which the audience will learn amazing things about a country where people do not know the wheel where time stands still, where people live in the Middle Ages, and where everything is ruled by a king, which originated from the legendary Amet Pala — the winner of the Black demon.

Remote hundreds of kilometers from major cities of Tibet and Nepal, Mustang for centuries lives in his own private world, following the ancient laws and customs. This kingdom, by which strangely swept entire era. Here the distance is still measured steps and traditions are rooted in the distant past. Here Buddhism still coexists with the oldest in Central Asia, the Bon religion, rites and rituals which unchanged survived. Mustang — a place where magic and magic is naturally woven into everyday life.

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