Nazca desert figure may disappear due to the increase of tourist flow

December 5, 2011 12:53

MOSCOW, December 2 — RIA Novosti. Tourism development can be devastating to one of the most famous attractions of Peru — Nazca geoglyphs on, reports the British publication The Telegraph, citing the opinion of experts in the field of world heritage.
Each year, tens of thousands of tourists visit the so-called Nazca lines, which, according to scientists, were created in the period between 500 BC year and 500 BC Geoglyphs are giant geometric shapes depicting triangles, spirals, a bird, a monkey, a spider, flowers, and even an astronaut.

According to experts, the most popular lines of Nazca is a threat to this object Heritage.

In this regard, the Fund World Monuments (World Monuments Fund) made the Nazca lines in its list of Global Watch List in 2012, including important world heritage sites at risk of extinction.
Among the most destructive tourism fund is called fly in private jets over the Nazca, which do not provide adequate security measures, increased throw garbage and imperfect tourism infrastructure, such as the emergence of unauthorized viewing points.

Besides tourism, the threat of the Nazca geoglyphs is uncontrolled construction of new roads, which increase the risk of flooding, as well as increased production of copper and other valuable metals.

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