Near Smolensk



The central street of Smolensk remained Idioms, but it leads to the temple — the huge Cathedral of the Dormition.


This cathedral — a monument to the protection of the Muscovite army of Poland in the years 1609-1611. It is a famous icon of the Mother of God of Smolensk.


Smolensk Kremlin today are tiled to preserve for future generations.


The building of the regional administration. Here peacefully coexist two-headed eagle and a statue of Lenin. As elsewhere in Russia.


Monument to Alexander Twardowski and his hero Vasily Terkin established for public donations.


Soviet place names in almost not changed. At times there appears even some Soviet nostalgia: Smolensk and tourists can go to a hookah lounge in cafes "USSR" or participate in "a pioneer party."


Smolensk church has not returned to believers, but they promise. Now the building, which is in need of major repair, the archive. Catholics, many of whom are immigrants from Belarus, while the sentry gave, where he grows fat mass.


Support Center of the Belarusian enterprises in Smolensk — not far from the church, the house of culture of the Deaf community.


Quite noticeable presence in Smolensk Belarusian goods industry: cosmetics, furniture, shoes, milk, meat and fish products … In the biggest supermarkets is a Belarusian vodka "Bulbash." Belarusian goods actively reklyamuyutstsa. Local travel agencies offer tour "Castles of Belarus".


A sign on the building of the University of Smolensk recalls that is in 1934, his poems read Yanka Kupala.


Russia, Smolensk

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