Nekljaev asks the court to dismiss the case on the events of December 19

Former presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu demands to stop his prosecution and close the case on the events of December 19 as a whole.

This is stated in his message sent to the Minsk City Court, the site of the "Tell the truth."

Nekljaev writes that the charge brought him "for the preparation of group activities that breach public order" threatens to imprisonment for a term up to three years. Compared with the prosecution on the first and second parts of the 293rd article, which was exposed to it before, it is much softer.

"The maximum sentence is reduced by five times — and could to say "thank you for affection" if a "Resolution to transfer the criminal case to the prosecutor for the direction of the court" is not alleged that not only in the "group activities that breach public order", and generally in the election of the President of Belarus took part I " with a view to introducing … from the EU, U.S. and Russian economic and political sanctions. "

Such a charge under any circumstances, for any "relief", "relaxed" in the sentence, I can not recognize and do not recognize. Here are confused cause and effect. These sanctions (if we can call them sanctions) are introduced not because of the riots, which were not. They are introduced because of the mass beatings of civilians units of power structures, as well as due to mass arrests, to which I have nothing to do. I ordered not to beat people and I ordered their arrest, "- says Nekljaev.

The former candidate draws attention to the fact that up to still not to investigate the assassination attempt on his life, the implementation of 19 December 2010 in 19 hours and 20 minutes, when he had the status of a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus, and guaranteed the inviolability of the law.

"Those responsible for the assassination is not revealed, not punished — and nothing prevents them to try again. Thereby violated the basic given to me by the Constitution, the state guarantees the protection of my life that compels me to speak on the merits of the charges."

Nekljaev asked the court to "stop the carrier of persecution."

"I ask the court to recognize the institutions in the criminal case against me politically motivated and to stop it because of the lack of my actions, like the actions of the other presidential candidates and all participants Square, of a crime," — says the statement Neklyaeva.

Nekljaev now under house arrest. Court in his case starting on 5 May.


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