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Total censorship White House

In the U.S., a new force is gaining scandal involving an attack on the U.S. embassy in Libya, which killed the ambassador himself. This event happened on September 11 last year, and average Americans noticed that it was covered too one-sided and reluctantly. Many blamed this on the tragic date — say, people on the anniversary of the New York events have enough seamy side. But some Americans are not satisfied with this explanation, and they conducted an investigation, which revealed a very unpleasant facts for the White House.


First, it turned out that the CIA for a long time could not determine the order that you can allow voice and talk to reporters. Maybe it's in the national security, and voiced some facts could be put under threat? It turned out, everything is much simpler:Ambassador CIA warned of an impending attackand asked to evacuate diplomatic mission, but intelligence officers did not believe him and left to die at the hands of the people they liberated. Having started the game with reporters — just cover his failure, and hence the failure of Obama's administration, which before the election (before they had less than 2 months), this scandal was not on hand.

Second, it turned out that the leadership of the country's largest media willingly agreed to the terms of the CIA, and the reason for this agreement — family relationships! It turned out that the power connection and the media in America are more like some Middle Eastern sultanate than the most democratic country in the world. The heads of major news channels and their political divisions — all have relatives working in the Obama administration! Enthusiasts have collectedAn interesting set of links:

Thus, the sister of President ABC News — CoordinatorPresidential Administration for Defense Policy, weapons of mass destruction and arms control. President of the CBS news department, David Rhodes — the brother of DeputyNational Security AdviserObama is responsible for strategic communications, as well as Obama's speechwriter on foreign policy. I should add that David RhodesThe correspondent was threatened with dismissale afford too rigid in relation to the White House coverage in Benghazi.

Continue: Deputy head of CNN bureau in Washington, Virginia Moseley — Naydsa Tom's wife, who until recently wasDeputy Secretary of Stateby Hillary Clinton (ie, just in time for the events in Benghazi). Neil King, a leading political reporter for The Wall Street Journal — husbandDirector of CommunicationsVice President Biden. ABC reporter Claire Shipman — wifePress Secretary of the White HouseJay Carney. Correspondent at the White House by Ari Shapiro, NPR radio — the wife of Michael Gottliebemployee legal serviceThe White House. Not bad for an "independent" media, right?

In the whole history of the largest media remained intact only NBC, but too long. Political consultant Richard Grenelletold Fox News on air, that the wife of a senior political editor Mark Murray NBC Sasha Johnson isPresidential appointee in the leadership of the Federal Aviation Administration United States. This information is not publicly disclosed by either party. Mark Murray commented: "I did not disclose that my wife is a presidential appointee, because I reported this to the management of NBC and they said that they do not care." Sasha Johnson herself —former CNN producer and assistant director of public relations U.S. Department of Transportation.

Please note — all relatives of journalists working in areas related to defense or public relations (read: media relations). No wonder that Obama is using them as leverage in dealing with the country's largest suppliers of news — TV channels, newspapers, radio. And no wonder that with such a system of relations of all the U.S. presidents of the last two decades, elected for a second term. What is happening now — a total monopoly in the liberal mainstream media, as it is called these media in the United States — for Obama is not just an information resource, but one of the key factors allowing to remain in power.

So, the next time some idiot enthusiastic sing you a song of what in America are independent and fearless media, just tell him the story.

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