Nest on the lake lightning Sayver

November 21, 2011 11:28

Lake SayverSayver lake — one of the anomalous areas Zvenigovsky area Mari Autonomous Republic.

Ahat Hafiz, the team captain "Nomadic":
"Lightning Jack"

— There is a swamp on the outskirts Chapai Coop, at the foot of the mountain Tashnurskoy, the place that the old-timers called "Lightning Jack", it was here, according to witnesses, frequently beaten electric discharges in thunderstorms. We ourselves have seen this abnormal phenomenon in the Soviet era, when involved in agricultural work in this area. They say that by lightning here often people died.

A prayer Grove
It is located near the village Kishnur, next to the "nest of lightning." Ceremonies are conducted in secret, almost all the Soviet era. In fact it is the only standing kusoto (sacred grove) in the district. Today it is a cultural monument. Preserve the local traditions of the various "paranormal" in this grove.

The descent from the mountain cock
Steep hill with a cock, near the village Kerebelyak, is notorious. It is very frequent accident stalls traffic, there is loss of life. Local residents and drivers is "unhappy place" where you should be very careful! This is probably due to a combination of a steep descent with a sharp turn, and the bad reviews, which combined with wet road, fog and ice causes accidents.

"Prodigal place" 
So called area near the river Tyumsha. In this small area of forest lost so many people. And strayed even those who have an excellent knowledge of local forest and can be guided well. Interestingly, the anomaly is located 13 blocks Kerebelyakskogo forestry.

Lake Sayver
It is known as a place of power and positive energy. According to rumors, there are fields around Sayvera shaman. Old-timers say that here once lived a hermit. Legend has it that at a certain stage of development, it just came out of his body, and now lives there as a spirit. Lake was chosen so yoga and other lovers of meditation.

Author: Dmitry Nikitin

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