New currency dealers in Belarus — the people from the queues to the exchangers

National Bank of Belarus has decided not to hold an additional session at the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange. The excitement in the domestic market increased: people now stand in line for days at exchange offices. Some resell your place or bought currency. Around exchangers there are quarrels and even fights.

A new phenomenon in Belarus on Wednesday examined regional correspondents of "Freedom."


Because of the currency crisis reduced demand for cars fades construction, reduced queues at the border.

At the same time, the markets are near exchangers currency dealers that offer currency — sometimes indefinitely.

Valery, a former money changers from Brest, who became an entrepreneur, he returned to selling the currency. According to him, the "black exchange rates" are quite different from the official who determines the NBB:

"The dollar is within 4,000 rubles. Euro we have is smaller, but the currency was always less than the demand. Thus, depending on the amount of the selling rate is 3800-4000 rubles per dollar. Sale also within this range."

In this case, currency dealers said that the currency can not be free to buy. The townspeople are virtually dollars and euros exchangers:

Who has the currency, the bank it can not be held

"Officially now possible to buy the currency. But we realize that we can be held responsible if the police will detain us. Answer and money changers will, and those who donate money to them. If anyone has a currency, it does not carry it to the bank. Or go to the owners who go for the goods. They take people dollars at 3700-3800 rubles. Or go to us, where the course is much higher. "

An activist of the movement of entrepreneurs "Perspective" Tchaikovsky Victor says that now many businesses use the services of currency speculators. Recently, there are practically no restrictions on the purchase of dollars and euros. Courses, however, are quite high:

Courses in currency speculators almost 1,000 rubles higher than the banks

"Through friends and acquaintances can be found currency speculators. Observed the same pattern that was in the 90's. Exchange currency dealers have almost 1,000 rubles higher than the banks."

The currency crisis has affected quite badly in the automotive market, the Edge business. Many residents of Brest, which had often traveled to Poland, now have the opportunity to buy the currency. Peter says Igor, Polish banks do not accept:

Slept hype on used cars

"Very obviously slept hype on used cars from Europe. At the boundary line now been reduced by almost three times. When no dollars or euros, that will not vyedesh. Therefore, it remains just wait for the currency will be on sale. People are looking forward currency. Even if there are now 5,000 rubles for dollars on the open market, they would be bought up immediately. "

Gomel Oblast

On the black market work surreptitiously

In Gomel exchangers are increasingly seen not so much the queue, how many people with lists. Lack of currency causes people to organize themselves.

Businessman said Igor, at Railway Square watched the queue in the exchanger "Technobank":

"We come and write. Queue can reach 100-120. Example, we signed up with his wife the day before yesterday, and 2-3 days for us to turn. To be the first to stand for 2-3 days. Even at night has come, to control all that those other people were not, and did not create a turn. "

Igor says that the currency he needs to go to Russia for the goods. In other business activities have to roll because I did not have enough to pay taxes and fees for the place.

Determined and the amount that can be purchased waiting list — it's $ 200 or 5,000 Russian rubles:

I bought a 5000 "Russian" and go

"We have agreed in line to buy for 5000. Bought — and go. We do not stand to gain 100,000. And only 5,000 Russian. This is real. Other currencies people almost do not pass. One, two, five dollars — little. Basically rent Russian rubles. took five thousand — and went. More 5000 does not take a turn. "

Near exchangers installed video cameras

"Black money changers" sometimes offer their services, but very cautiously. A waiting list and are afraid to buy, after all, the exchanger is being monitored:

"They propose, but because there are cameras, we just do not run the risk. So everything is hidden, it does not convey. Everybody is afraid, just afraid."

We exchanger Belpromstroibank woman on a commuter train station is also a list. Queue — 168 people.

Ms. Larissa, who came to check his turn, says he will seek the currency on the black market:

"On the black market will go buy it. If you try, you can. Course — 150. During the Belarus can buy Russian, the course — 150."

A woman knows that the current situation has earned some good money. And especially when it was possible to transfer money to Russia Belarus and the Russian ruble getting there:

"In Russia the money transported and thus earned. Had time to, as now, this shop is closed. During the 5 percent send Belarusian rubles Zlynka, Novozibkov or Moscow. They got Russian, brought them here and on the" black market "making money" .


"To buy a $ 100, it is necessary to defend the day in the exchanger"

Mogilev to acquire the necessary amount of currency exchangers have to have people idle for days.

We exchanger in one of the largest shopping centers Mogilev two students unfurled a piece of paper that read handwriting marked forty names. This is the place, said the girl. To talk about her organization refused. Advised to go to the men. Three gentlemen reluctantly, but did agree to talk:

Reporter: How many have to stand, for example, to buy a hundred dollars?

Mr.: For two days, have to stand, and even threes.

Mr.: I've been on the day before the day was a hundred bucks. Someone passes, and we will immediately acquire.

ReporterMen are mainly or women?

Mr.All have. And the people at the age of 70 years standing, and 20. We are now entrepreneurs. We all have something to sell. We need to purchase a product.

Mr.: We are buying goods for currency. And we have only Belarusian. Where do we do with them? Need currency. But it is not. We have to stand up. From hand to currency speculators buying dangerous and expensive.

Mr.: Now that the new law. First time caught — a fine of up to one hundred base units. A second time — is prison up to six years.

Currency rates in Mogilev: Dollar — 4000 rubles, euro — 5000

Reporter: The exchange rate currency dealers offer a dollar?

Mr.Four thousand dollar. The euro — five.

Reporter: Is it possible to say that the situation with the currency has created a new profession — standing in line for a currency?

Mr.No, rather restored the old one.

Reporter: How much do you think this situation last?

Mr.: I think that now — always.

The situation on the currency market was out of control in the financial plan

Mr.: The situation has become so unmanageable in financial terms. Wait for all the promised Russian loan. But we're not sure if that helps us this loan anything.

Interviewed guys suddenly stopped. Worried. In a shopping center two policemen guarding the order. They came here as soon as there was a terrorist attack in Minsk. Their possible appearance and disturbed boys.

Fights occur most often around the clock at the exchanger

Currency queue organized in all major trading centers of Mogilev. Including a department store and ticket office in the building the railway station. Most often, the train station and there are conflicts and even fights because the exchanger is available.

Grodno region

"There is hope that the currency will appear soon in the free market."

Grodno residents say that the problem with the currency is not reduced. Some want to simply convert their rubles into dollars, another currency needed for practical purposes — to purchase goods in Poland or to go abroad on holiday. Each seeks to engender themselves in this situation myself. Hopes that the currency in the near future will be in the free market, not yet.

Mrs.: I see a very large voltage to the currency now: do not buy the hype is huge.

Mr.: I think something is wrong here: in all countries, all right, but we have some reason this dollar is growing. Friends went to Ukraine, saying, okay, come, buy. And we have accomplished something very strange. Who plays, I do not know.

Mrs.: If you remove the hype, the demand may decrease with time, purely on the expectations of the people.

Belarusians tend to keep their savings in a currency that is

Mr.: This hype is probably because many citizens of our republic deposits in Belarusian rubles, and so many of them that the currency remains speculative demand. People are trying to save their money.

Mrs.: People have lost confidence in the Belarusian ruble, and on the expectation that the rate did rise, everyone rushed to change rubles for a more stable currency for dollars and euros. But people warmed themselves excessive demand themselves posed the problem: if a person spends the night in line, is recorded in a couple of days, this is also not make the situation easier and better. That there was no such zvyshazhyyatazhnyh rumors, then maybe the situation would have been easier.

Pensioner: I do not know, I do not need dollars, I do not know them at all and do not understand in this matter. And why do I need them? For what? Who goes, let him find them where you want him to find …

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