New heavy helicopter Russia will work with China

The holding «Russian Helicopters» ready for the joint development with Chinese partners languid helicopter, told reporters CEO of JSC «Russian Helicopters» Dmitry Petrov.
«If we talk about the joint Russian-Chinese helicopter project in languid class, we are ready to continue this work in the framework of constant consultations to clarify the likely market the latest machines and the formation of its technical aspect,» — said D.Petrov.

Answering the question whether China plans to buy more Mi-26TC, he said that China is showing the same enthusiasm there a certified helicopter Mi-26TC.

«We often participate in negotiations with our partners and new probable customers, providing them with information about this car and options for its implementation in the interests of the growing Chinese economy. But is early to say that we are in the pre-contractual condition with some of the Chinese companies. Negotiations are going, but the acquisition of even the 1st of this type of helicopter requests verbovaniya severe funding and awareness we treat the position of our Chinese partners, «- said the CEO.

In addition, he said, «in spite of a certain simplicity and ability to service Mi-26TC criteria in the field, he still asks the current level of service.»

According to the director, China remains a common market for Russian helicopters, and we pay attention to the development of the Chinese sector of the global aftermarket «Helicopters of Russia». In this context, he said, essentially mention about the service center in Qingdao, which is created within the framework of the Russian-Chinese joint venture Sino-Russian Helicopter Service Company Ltd.

«Plans to increase the holding service component of our business coincide with the needs of the market — first Chinese, where the provision of after-sales service of this becomes important condition for the presence of foreign manufacturers. And this applies not only to Russian companies, «- said the CEO.

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