Nightmare enfildskogo poltergeist

November 15, 2011 0:22

Rough male voice made everyone in the room run cold with fear. Announced, he brought the message from the grave, detailing the time of his death. "Before I die, I'm blind, I was bleeding, I passed out, and died in a corner at the bottom." Creepy voice, the recording of which can still be heard in the film, presumably belongs to Bill Wilkins.

The recording was made in the 70's in Enfield, north London, a few years after his death. Most frightening, however, was that the voice came from the body of 11-year-old girl named Janet Hodgson. It seemed that she possessed. This could be a scene from the "Exorcist", but it was all real. What was it? It was a case of poltergeist enfildskogo that 30 years ago the country was intrigued, puzzled police and psychics, experts in occult phenomena, and to all the usual journalists.

Poltergeist included levitation, when the furniture was flying through the air, and things are jumping around bewildered witnesses. Obdavanie was cold, physical assault, graffiti, the appearance of water on the floor and even exploding themselves matches. The policewoman said under oath that she saw how to move the chair. There were about 30 witnesses strange phenomena.

Most inexplicable that the girl at the center of events served as something of a mouthpiece for Bill Wilkins, grumpy and unrestrained language on the old man, who died in the house many years ago. Investigating the case met with his son, and he confirmed the details of his stories. Many still doubt this was not the case a drawing, but this was not provided any evidence, and the only plausible explanation is paranormal version.

So what happened in Enfield then, many years ago? Where Hodgson now, they got rid of their ghosts, and who lives at this address now? The story itself, it is said Hodgson, started in 1977. Family at the time was unusual, because a single mother had four children — 12-year-old Margaret, 11-year-old Janet, 10-year-old Johnny, and 7-year-old Billy. Evening August 30, 1977 the second, and Mrs. Hodgson tried to put their children to bed.

She heard Janet complains that her bed and her brother's bed vibrate. Mrs Hodgson said to her, so that she no longer complain. But the next evening, there were more frightening events. Mrs Hodgson heard a loud noise upstairs. Cross, she told her children to calm down.

Going into the bedroom Janet Mrs Hodgson saw the chest move. She put him in his place, but found that an invisible force pushes it back to the door. Many years later, Janet tells: "It all started with the end of the bedroom dresser was moving, and you could hear the shuffling. We told her mother what was happening, and she came to see it for themselves. She saw that the chest is moving. When she tried to push it back into place, it could not. "

Sister, Janet, Margaret, tells how the intensity manifestations began to increase. "In the house here and there we could hear all sorts of weird sounds, it was not clear what was happening. None of us could sleep. We dressed and slippers, and went out of the house. " The family sought the help of his neighbors Vic and Peggy Nottingham. Vic, hefty construction, went to the house to conduct its own investigation.

He said: "I went into the house and heard the sounds — they were heard from the walls and the ceiling. Then I was a little scared. " Margaret says: "He said: I do not know what's going on. The first time I saw a big guy so scared. " Hodgson called the police, which was just as puzzled. Some time later, the police left, saying that such incidents are not under the jurisdiction of the police. Hodgson later contacted the press.

Daily Mirror photographer Graham Morris, who was in the house, said: "It was chaos. Suddenly things started flying around the room, screaming people. " Some of the incidents were captured on camera. One of the photos shows how Janet throws something across the room. On the other her face contorted in pain.


The house came to the BBC film crew, but they found that the metal components of their equipment twisted, and record erased. The family then sought the help of the Society for Research of psychic phenomena. They sent investigators Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair — specialists in poltergeist, who later wrote a book about the case entitled "This house is possessed."

Grosse (who has died) said: "When I was in the house, I realized that this is a real case, because the whole family was in a poor condition. The whole is in terrible disarray. When I first came, for a time, nothing happened. Then I saw the room fly Lego elements, as well as pieces of marble. The most amazing thing is that when I pick them up, they were hot.

Researchers around the spinning violent paranormal activity sofa levitated, turned and rushed across the room and furniture, and at night the whole family threw someone out of bed. One day, along with Maurice who visited a neighbor heard one of the children screaming "I can not move! It keeps my legs, 'and they had to deal with something that they insisted, the feelings are invisible hands. Standing knocking was one of the most unnerving aspects of this case. He went down on the walls, calmed down and grew, as if on purpose, playing on the nerves of the whole family, which was so scared to the point that they all slept in the same room with the lights.

The main activity took place around 11-year-old Janet. She goes into trance, which was terrible to watch. In one case, an iron railing by the fireplace in her room was torn by an unseen force. "I felt that I was using power that no one can understand. I really do not feel like this is too much to think about. I'm not sure that was a real poltergeist "evil." Rather, he wanted to be part of our family. "They did not want us to offend. It died in the house, and wanted to rest. The only way it could talk, it is through me and my sister. " However, some doubts about these events.

Two researchers have caught the children for the fact that they bend spoons, and asked why no one was allowed to enter the room when she said in her low voice, presumably belonging to Bill Wilkins. Indeed, Janet admits that things are rigged. In 1980th she told me: "Once or twice we forged some accident. Wanted to see if they catch us with Grosse Playfair. They always have to see through. " She is now 45 years old, and she lives in Essex with her husband.

"When I heard about the movie, I do not really like it. My father had just died, and it was hard for me to experience it all again. " She describes the poltergeist as traumatic. "This was an extraordinary case. This is one of the most recognized cases of paranormal activity in the world. But for me, it was pretty hard. I think he left his mark — poltergeist activity, media attention, all these people that have been through our home. This was not a normal childhood. "

On the question of how much of a poltergeist they forged, she said, "I think two percent." She also admitted that she dabbled with the board for the evocation just before these events began to occur. She says she did not know what falls into a trance, as long as it did not show the pictures. "I know that when they were to vote, it was a feeling that something is inside me. They conducted various tests, they said, so I took a mouthful of water and all that, but the voices continued to sound.

It was hard. For some time I had to spend in a psychiatric hospital in London, where my head enmeshed electrodes, but tests show that everything is normal. Levitation — it was scary because I do not know where you will land. I remember being around my neck turned curtain, I cried, and I thought I would die. My mom had to make every effort to break it. The man who spoke through me, Bill, he was angry, because we lived in his house. " All this has had a big impact on the family.

Janet says: "At school I was teased. Called me a girl-ghost, and threw me in the back are two different things. I was afraid to go home. Doors opened and closed constantly coming and going all kinds of people you do not know what to expect in the next moment, and I'm very worried about my mother. In the end, she had a nervous breakdown. Her brother called "the freak of the house of ghosts," and the people on the street, spat at him. Janet herself landed on the front page Daily Star titled "possessed by the devil." Quite young, at 16, she left home and got married. Shortly press attention beginning to fade, the younger brother Johnny died of cancer at the age of 14 years.

Later his mother Janet developed breast cancer, and she died in 2003, and Janet herself lost her son, he died in his sleep at the age of 18. She rejected suggestions that that the whole story was invented in the pursuit of money or fame. I did not want to experience it again, while my mother was alive, but now I want to tell their story. I do not care if people believe it or not — I've gone through, and it was all true. " On the question of whether the house is still obsessed, she said, "Many years later, when my mother was still alive, there's always felt a presence — always felt strange look.

As long as people do not interfere, as we did with the board for the evocation of spirits, it's pretty easy. Now it is much quieter than when I was a child. But it's still there. " Who live on Green Street 284 now? After Peggy Hodgson died in the house drove Claire Bennett with his four sons. She said: "I did not see anything, but I felt uncomfortable. The house was felt a presence, I always felt that someone was watching me. " Her children wake up at night and heard someone talking downstairs. Claire decided to learn about the history of the house. "Suddenly, everything fell into place," she says.

Having lived in the house for only 2 months, they moved out. One of her sons, 15-year-old Shaq says: "On the night before we moved out, I woke up and saw a man enters the room. I ran to my mother's room, and told her, "we have to leave," that we are on the next day and did. " The house now lives another family, they would not be submitted. The mother said simply, "I have children, they do not know it. I do not want to scare them. " While skeptics may laugh, frightening story enfildskogo poltergeist has not lost its power.

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