Nikolai Statkevich not convey the newspaper that he was prescribed

The appointed day of the trial of former presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu and Vitaly Rymashevsky and four other activists. Complaint to change the measure of restraint Paul Sevyarynytsu handed to the court. Four year old son of Andrei Sannikov Danica asks in a letter to the Pope "rather go home."

Former presidential candidates Vladimir Neklyaeva andVital Rymasheuski, and also the Vice Chairman of the "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka, members of the campaign staff Neklyaeva Sergei Wozniak, Andrey Dmitriev andAlexander Fyaduta May 5 will be judged in the court of the Frunze district of Minsk.

They are accused of organizing and preparing activities that breach public order or active participation in these activities. It's a protest on December 19 in Minsk. The defendants could face up to three years in prison.

Anastasia Palazhanka said, "Freedom", which learned of the appointment process with the media, and the official report it has not yet come:

"I assumed that the court will be in the near future, even would not be surprised to be appointed before. Of course, I wish that shape the processes in one day and it makes it impossible for many to see and support. But, I'm here to call a witness at the trial of Kirkevich — it's a chance for me to look at Alesia, to support him, as well as those people who are to be tried together with him. "

It's about the process, which will begin on April 27 in the October court of Minsk. Together with the activist of "Young Front" Ales Kirkevich will be judged Pavel Vinogradov, Andrew Protasenya, Dmitry Drozdov, Vladimir Homichenko.

Vladimir Khalip sent to the editor Site "Charter 97," a letter from his grandson Danica, which he dictated to his father Andrei Sannikov. "Danica May 15 marks four years. First drew attention to this man of Drozdov. Prepares your child a special gift — the trials of parents Danica. And so, probably, would be worth to remember this humble text from a country where "the envy of the world" — says Vladimir Khalip.

Here is a letter Danica Sannikov:

"Oh, my dear papa! I love you so much! I want you not to delay your work. Please, Dad, come to us.

I wish you had brought me something good to eat and machine. With a good heart, dad. My mother and I want you to come soon. Dad, if you can not come, please ask anyone who sends a link back to us link. Dad, we want you to come to us at all.

With love, Dania.

Mom cold and she can not get out. So we just go out to Aunt Tanya, my grandmother and grandfather. "

More than three months mother Danica journalist Khalip is under house arrest. It will be judged in Factory Court, but the process has not yet been appointed. Andrei Sannikov will be judged in a partisan court on April 27.

The wife of another presidential candidate Statkevich Marina Adamovich received a letter from him after three weeks of silence. From the letter, it became clear that the letters received by Marina Nicholas. But the letter.

"The only disappointing news that was in the letter, is that during this month, as of April 19, he had not received any of the newspapers gave him. Not once, but it was booked out a lot of different newspapers and all kinds of people, not just me. "

The trial of Nikolai Statkevich held in the Leninsky court, but the day has not yet been appointed.



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