No time to stand in line for a currency — Pay standing one

The new service came to Minsk residents and guests of the capital — to stand in line for the money. The lines in Belarus is now everywhere in the executive committees and banks, embassies and the traffic police, as well as currency exchange offices.

Online or by phone you place not less than one day, said company representative Julia:

"You order a service, tell what day, what time do you want to go, if you know what there turn. If you do not know, we'll show you-know themselves what it all. We come back to take their turn, and then either send SMS, or tried to call and can report the situation, how many people in the queue. You say how much time you have to warn you that you had to drive, you drove, rasplachvaetsesya and go. "

Businesswoman Irina says she'd love to use this service:

Lost time, lost money, a person could earn in that time. Apparently, this is useful.

"We went back to the queue. And, for example, my time is very expensive. I think other people will use the service. I would have paid for that for me stood in line at the embassy for a visa, yet probably would have to change the driver's license, they say that there is a crazy turn. Lost time, lost money that a person could for this time earn. Apparently, this is useful. "

The most popular service — line at the embassy, said Ms Julia:

"If a Schengen visa, we now have the highest demand of the Embassy of Poland and Estonia. When I asked why it was there, the clients are told that it is easier to get a visa. "

The company guarantees only the entrance to the embassy. Guarantee of a visa does not allow it. Initially the company offered to take turns on the Board, Beauty salons, the Foreign Ministry, embassies, banks. But Beauty salons and Foreign demand is not used, but there were queues at the traffic police — to register the car, change the permissions on the new models. So you have to keep your finger on the pulse, says Julia:

"In principle, a day for the two of you will register the car. Today just We were at the Information Desk of vehicles on the street Serov, have taken a turn for the client at half past six, and the girl at 9:45 is applied for registration. "

The longest and least successful stage now — on the currency. However, the experience of the firm in this field so far:

"We recently launched this service, call us one person, but then did not call back. Therefore, we have not yet tried it. But, basically, it's all actually do — help you to buy the currency. There's also now stand at banks and waiting. If you're the first stand, you go to the bank and buy. "

But business people do not share this optimism Julia. Businesswoman Irina says:

"In other areas can be guaranteed results. And what about the purchase of currency — I'm not sure. For now, such a situation is that a person can stand and day, and two, to be first in the queue, and guarantee that gain currency, no. Perhaps that currency to purchase, I would not use this service.

Julia told about the price of the service:

"From eight in the morning until seven in the evening service costs 10,000 per hour, and from 19 hours to eight in the morning — 15,000 per hour. Payment will be considered by the number of hours. "

Well, the customer makes the payment only after the transmission line at the exit door or window.

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