Number of found dead in Turkey exceeded 600

Emergency Management Agency in Turkey reported that the earthquake in Van province killed 601 people, more than four thousand injured.

Rescuers managed to pull out alive from the rubble 188 people. In hospitals, the province and the neighboring regions in the treatment are about four and a half thousand victims of the earthquake.

Despite the fact that almost all facilities completed rescue, experts still dismantle two floors collapsed homes in the county Erdzhish which were most affected by the earthquake.

All in the province of Van struck over two thousand buildings. Families who lost their homes are still living in tents, which are delivered to the region more than 43 thousand. Shelter, beds, blankets, heaters and diesel generators are the most necessary to the local population. Foreign governments were not indifferent to the natural disaster in Turkey and started to actively offer its humanitarian aid for more than eight thousand tents and prefabricated houses, brought from Russia, Israel, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, France, Japan and other countries in Europe and Asia. There were also funds for relief work. Only Turkey has raised more than $ 12.5 million. Also received large sums from abroad, according to ITAR-TASS.

After this earthquake, which was the biggest in 12 years, the authorities have decided to reform the housing complex. Only in the province of Van experts recognized uninhabitable thousands of apartment buildings. In the near future parliament will consider upgrading five million residential buildings across the country in a decade. It is assumed that a large proportion of office for the project will be given no municipalities and central ministries. Tightened the conditions and procedures for obtaining permits for construction and contracting, and construction violations will be punished by large fines and criminal penalties. First, the authorities intend to replace the housing stock in the most earthquake-prone regions, located on the lines of faults, in particular in a multimillion Istanbul. The scale of this work has already started talking authorities in a number of provinces. For example, only in the city of Bursa, south of Istanbul, according to Mayor Recep Altepe have to tear down and rebuild about 40 million homes.

Earthquake in Turkey occurred during the day on October 23. Magnitude quake reached 7.2. During the week, seismologists recorded in the region, not only in the province of Van, but virtually the entire eastern Turkey, as well as in neighboring Armenia, more than fifteen hundred aftershocks of magnitude 2 to 6.5. Because of the tragic events in the country was canceled most events, overseas visits by management, as well as one of the main annual social events, reception by the President on the occasion of Republic Day, a military parade.

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