Of recurrent earthquakes in Turkey

Earthquake in Van province in southeast Turkey, on November 9, destroyed dozens of buildings, reports the Associated Press.

According to official data of the earthquake victims were five men. According to Deputy Prime Minister Beshir Atalaya, to 3.30 local time (5.30msk) extracted from the rubble 20. Most of them lived in the four-storey hotel "Bayram", which housed the representatives of the Turkish Red Cross and journalists.

Seismological Observatory of Bosphorus University reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was located in the county Edremit. Push force 5.6 points occurred in 21.23 local time (23.23 MSK), followed him there were several earthquakes smaller force.

The city Edremit is panic. Local residents fear new stimuli, seismologists are precluded. In total, according to various sources, more than 50 people injured.

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