Off the coast of Somalia, the pirates fired on the flagship of NATO

Off the coast of Somalia, the pirates fired on the flagship of NATO

Pirates fired on the flagship naval group NATO off the coast of Somalia — Dutch frigate "Rotterdam". Returning fire, one of the pirates had been killed. This is stated in the statement of the commander of the naval operation NATO Anti-Piracy "Ocean Shield" Commodore (Rear Admiral) Ben Bekkerenga.

The incident occurred on Wednesday, October 24, during the inspection of suspicious lung motor sailing vessel. As the "Rotterdam" group boarding party landed on an inflatable boat, the crew opened fire and tried to get away from persecution, ITAR-TASS reported.

"In accordance with the rules of the operation," Rotterdam "opened retaliatory fire, resulting in pirate boat caught fire and the crew was rescued by swimming," — said the Commodore Bekkereng.

During the exchange of fire killed one of the pirates on board the "Rotterdam" victims.

Dutch frigate picked up on board the 25-member crew of a pirate ship.

During the non-long battle and the whole operation of catching pirates on "Rotterdam" and was conducted aiming fire from small guns from the shore, which was damaged by one of the inflatable boats NATO.

At the moment, in the coast of Somalia there are several international naval groups to tackle piracy. NATO forces in Operation "Ocean Shield" on this day includes the frigates "Rotterdam" (the Netherlands) and the "Haliburton" (USA).

Patrolling this area also are warships of EU states that are involved in the operation "Atalanta" and so called "Joint Operational group 151 ", which consists of frigates and patrol ships a number of Asian countries.

According to the International Marine Bureau, this year's pirate activity in the coast of Somalia significantly reduced — for the first three quarters of 2012 recorded here 70 pirate attacks, compared with almost 200 during the same period in 2011.

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