Oil Record

Grow the biggest of all the post-Soviet era vintage sunflower oil Russia puts new record — the export of oil.

According to estimates of the analytical center "Sovekon", in November 2011 sunflower oil exports totaled 121,000 tons more than last is an absolute record set in November 2006 — then the foreign markets has shipped 112,400 tons of sunflower oil. General Director of "Aston" (the largest exporter of sunflower oil) Vadim Vikulov agree to the "Sovekon."

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In total, an estimated "Sovekon" in this agricultural year (from October 1, 2011 to September 30, 2012) can be exported about 1 million tons of sunflower oil. General Director of "ProZerno" Vladimir Petrychenko agree that the volume of exports will be a record. But they make, according to his calculations, 850 000-900 000 tonnes (previous record was in 2008/09 agricultural year and amounted to 820 000 tonnes).

Sunflower crop this year, claims the absolute record of all post-Soviet years — he could reach 9 million, expects "Sovekon." Cleaning is not yet complete, but, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, November 25, collected 8,000,000 tons of oil production, expects "Sovekon" will be more than 3 million tons

Good predictions prices have fallen off in the early agricultural year: from the beginning of harvest until mid-November, they fell to the level of 7000-9000 rubles. per tonne from 11,225 rubles. October 5. In nerekordnom 2009 to 14 October 9500 was worth a ton of sunflower rubles, and November 18 — 9820 rubles. (All data — "Sovekon Index"). Another contributing factor for the decline — barrage 20% probability of the export duty on sunflower seeds, executive director continues, "Sovekon" Andrei Sizov. Since mid-November, according to him, the prices went up and have now reached an average of 10,500 rubles / t. The rise in prices on the domestic market, sunflower spurred just high export volumes, says Vikulov. He estimates that in the last month prices for producers rose by 15-20% and maximum prices now (Stavropol Territory) reached a level of 13 500 rubles. per ton.

The prices of oil on the domestic market, such fluctuations do not show. Sizov said that in the past three months, they are stable — in the range 33 000-34 000 rub. / Tons of oil in bulk to shipment from the factory. According Vikulova, even cheaper oil from the middle of November, it has lost in value of 5% and is now worth about 32 000 / t. Prices of sunflower oil, he explains, in our market are largely determined by the world price of soybean oil, which is the main producer is the United States, and which is cheaper since September.

Export price of crude sunflower oil («FOB Black Sea") is now $ 1050-1080 per ton, says Petrychenko. If this keeps at a price of not less than $ 1,000 per ton, the domestic price of sunflower oil will remain at 32 000-34 000 / t. Expects the expert.

Lower prices for oil will continue, says Vikulov, but it will not be critical and profitability of oil will not be negative. Historic lows in 2006, when a ton of oil was worth 10,000 rubles. (November 2000 — January 2001, these "Sovekon Code"), in this agricultural year Russia will not see Sizov said.

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