Oksana Sprinchan — on Easter works in Belarusian literature



Easter — one of the greatest festivals of Belarusians — holiday resurrection of Christ crucified. Not surprisingly, it is symbolically compared to the fate of the "crucifixion" of Belarus, gives strength to its resurrection and rebirth.

Oksana Sprinchan — on Easter works in Belarusian literature.

Sergei Poluian. Christ is risen!

Letters to the Future: Prose. Journalism. Criticism.
"Fiction", 1986

Symbolic perception of Easter in Belarusian literature was a prose poem, "Christ is risen!" Sergey Poluyan. Was published in 1910 by the newspaper "Nasha Niva"After the author's death, and artfully awakened faith in the future resurrection of Belarus. Easter (especially in poetry) has acquired not only a religious but also a Renaissance sense.

What they say you called, the Belarusian people? Or do they greet you, and with your own great holiday? ..

You tortured. You suffered torments, but not dead. Deep, deep you have kept your soul.

Christ was with you in your sufferings, and he with you tolerate them. How many times raspinali him with you! More times than there are grains of sand on the bottom of the sea! But each year across Belarusian land spreads cry:

— Christ is risen!

Artwork by Sergey Poluyan ends with congratulations:

-With the big holiday congratulations! With a great holiday, the Great Belarusian People!

— Christ is risen!

And how can not answer:

— Truly He is risen! Really Big Belarusian People!

Casimir brother-in-law. On the anniversary of the independent Belarus. Selected works. "Logos", 2010

After Sergey Poluyan many authors continued to compare the resurrection of Christ and the revival of his native land. But it seems to me, should be made in this row Casimir Svayaki poem "On the anniversary of the independence of Belarus." He was included in the book "My Lyre", which was released in 1924 in Vilnius. Interested in this verse is not only the fact that its author is a priest and poet, but also the fact that you call a symbolic coincidence: the anniversary of the proclamation of the independent Belarus coincided with Easter. Casimir-laws commensurate Christ's suffering and the suffering of the Belarusian people, he turns to God with a prayer for the resurrection of Belarus:

Have mercy also, O God, You are above it,
Do not let age lay in the tomb,
Pazvol to live up to it:
In this time, on the third day.

Vasil Bykov. Easter egg.

"Polymya." 2001. Number 1

Since ancient times, during the Easter holiday we forgive each other colored eggs as a symbol of the immortality of life and suffering on the Cross of Christ for our salvation and the light says: "Christ is risen! — He is risen indeed! "As it is in tune with our light and the word:" Long live Belarus! "-" Hail! "

But in Belarus were times when religion is the best idea, "the opium of the people" and not allowed to celebrate Easter. Terrible story of Vasil Bykov "Easter egg" on Easter in the countryside after the Second World War. Former nachasobaddelu a partisan, party organizer and now the farm Nightcrawlers appointed at Easter hauling manure on the farm field. Seeing that no one goes to work, he gets her with a revolver and orders — "Easter is canceled!" One of the women hungry kids treats his wife Hanka red eggs. Nightcrawlers breaks the eggs of the wall of the shed, and Hanka forks, which threw manure, kill the beast, the chairman of the send …

This tragic story reminds us that it is not only the celebration of Christmas in Belarusian literature very often walks next to the sadness of parting, death. The same sentiments have often and Easter.

Nyaklyayeu (under the pseudonym Vladimir Maher). Easter.

"Belarus Today". 2009, April 18

Times have changed, no longer a religion "the opium of the people", but … But one of the best poets of Belarus Nyaklyayeu can not print poem "Easter" and congratulations to his aunt Helen Maher, "the first believers in Krevo" in the main state newspaper. "But where to print? In which newspaper to newspaper pop that allowed the church to make? In the "People's Will"? That, along with the "People's Will" pop out of the church and the faithful will trample. "- Reflects a poet.

The exit is in the fact that the poem was published under the pseudonym Vladimir Maher.

Poem-tale of the times of the establishment of Christianity in the pagan Krevo Krevsk dedicated to St. Alexander Nevsky church in which hrystsilisya i adpyavalisya parents, grandparents, great-grandparents i Vladimir Neklyaeva. The cat is destined to cut off the head sister who believes in Jesus Christ.

After he was head of sister
Rose, kissed her on the lips
I shouted:
"O Lord! .. "

Times change, but at Easter 2011, many Belarusians no way to tell Vladimir Neklyaev, which is under house arrest, "Christ is risen!" And to hear him say, "He is risen indeed!" It is possible to read the "Easter."

Zmitrok Byadulya. Easter eggs.

Favorites. "Fiction", 1973

The work of art about art, the essence of the vitality of the Belarusians, hope and faith — all about the short story "Easter egg" Zmitraka Byadulya, established in 1913. The protagonist — who suffers from the art, the little boy Stsyapanka, for the love of drawing nicknamed Pyatskun. "Almost not all walls and fences in the village painted by his hand. There you can see the horses, humans, dogs, houses, woods, crosses and other things. If sometimes of the hosts who caught him in this work, then tore his ears are not spared. " The school for colored book was punished because he was sick for several weeks. "Everyone in the village was considered Stsyapanku stupid" does not understand the boy and his mother, dreams of a "good son." Once a year, at Easter, Stsyapanku succeeded — he was allowed to paint eggs. But there comes a holiday, and the boy is taken and this only joy — comes the news from the front of his father's death and Stsyapanku do not give money to paint.

Small-great artist paints the eggs with their blood. They — as a symbol of the immortality of the small-Great Belarusian people.

Christ is Risen!


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