Oleg Volchek: The investigation into the terrorist attack is surprising

It took 17 days of the terrorist attack in Minsk subway, which resulted in the deaths of 14 people. Dozens of victims maimed. What's new in the investigation of this crime?

The prosecutor's office in Belarus, where the explosion is under investigation at the station "October," said the suspect charged in the attack has not been charged, and "continues to collect evidence." For information about the security services for several years reportedly kept under the control of the family of one of the suspects, the prosecutor's office refused to comment.

April 28 Russian Internet resource "Life News" spread information that the KGB was supposedly a dossier on one of the suspects. How to tell the "Life News" a source in law enforcement agencies of Belarus, at the KGB "was a great record." His collected more after the explosion in Minsk in 2008. "Then the suspect's father was suspected of involvement in the terrorist attack. Attracted attention and his son. A young man was in a group of risk through their penchant for chemistry and skill to master explosive packages. Security officials were aware that the young man almost all my free time was producing fireworks and experimenting with explosives substances. But for some reason no one bothered him. "

The KGB this information also does not comment.

It is known that before the Prosecutor's Office of Belarus warned a number of politicians and former members of the security forces responsible for spreading false information about the investigation in the attack. Closeness of the investigation, however, does not mean that society should not discuss the shortcomings of public safety, according to a former investigator Oleg Volchek. Human rights activist Aleh Volchek believes that the investigation of the terrorist attack is "strange":

Untimely applications may look like preparing public opinion for a single version

"There's the head of the investigation team, there is a prosecutor who oversees the conduct of the case. Only they have the right to give any details, something to comment on the case. And what do we observe? I can see the head of the KGB commented case in including read a data investigation, and the Minister of the Interior as well. Also comments on the case head of state. As a result, many have questioned under investigation lawfully and independently? After all, only after the completion of the investigation may be subject to a legal assessment of the actions of the individual and to disclose certain facts and evidence. Untimely applications, the definition of certain items before the end of the investigation may look like to prepare public opinion for a single version. "

Why has not charged a suspect in the attack? Oleg Volchek says that in cases of acts of terrorism law allows you to set and charge a month. But in the case of a terrorist attack on April 11, according to Volchek, there are certain features:

"It would be pre-set charge, because, as they say themselves, and have already figured out a way to attack, and performers. But to procrastinate. Guess, because they are missing some link in the chain to 100% to show that these and the same person involved in the preparation and execution of a terrorist attack. "

Do not they have any missing link in the chain to 100% to show that these same individuals involved and to the preparation and execution of a terrorist attack

Oleg Volchek not rule out that the intelligence services could have a dossier on the future of one of the terrorists, but does not believe that it could release out of control. The current state of health and mind these people Oleg Volchek concern:

"We still do not know in what condition these people are located. They adequate? Healthy? They may testify in terms of the psyche? We have already seen in the Autukhovich as Larin testified against him, he almost guerrilla bases prepared in the woods, with weapons and so on. And then it turned out that there was nothing that a person is not known how he heard that he was an ex-convict that used drugs. "

The weakest point in a version that sounded from the lips of officials, Oleg Volchek said that in the "suspect terrorists" allegedly had no motive other than to kill a certain number of people. Experience in the investigation of 50 murders makes former investigator Oleg Volchek in such statements do not believe.

"There is always something. Can not be, that was nothing. And why should we be silent about it? First, under the Constitution we have the right to their opinion and their opinions. Secondly, we need to discuss the issues of the safety, including and then, can the government protect us. "

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