Olga Bondarenko: I believe in miracles, but not in a fair trial

Dmitry Bondarenko was sentenced today to two years in a penal colony. His wife, Olga called the sentence harsh, it will be appealed.

"Any sentence an innocent man — it's cruel. I think Dmitry is innocent. Any accusation innocent man — is absurd. Clearly, all this political affairs. Both my husband political and today Andrei Sannikov convicted, he is also a political one. And the convicted youth, who came to the square to express their opinion — too political. I do not talking about those, who were candidates and members of the staffs. I am, in principle, expect this, because Dmitri told me when I was on a date, not adjusted for the best. I was ready for it, though, as a man of faith, hoping for a miracle, not a fair trial. "

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