Olga Bondarenko: Then will be a free country and a free man

Relatives Dmitry Bondarenko, who on April 27 was sentenced to 2 years in prison for the events of December 19, necessarily going to appeal the verdict.

Judge Tatiana Ravinskaya kept within a minute, read the verdict Dmitry Bondarenko and asking him questions du jour:

"Bondarenko Okhotsimskii found guilty of organizing group activities that breach public order, together with the obvious disobedience legitimate demands of the authorities, which led to the disruption of transport and organizations, and active participation in such activities. Sentenced to imprisonment for 2 years in a penal colony. The verdict is clear? . "


"Time and order of appeal is clear? '.


"The hearing is adjourned."

Voice from the audience"Glory to the heroes."

Militiaman"We leave the premises."

State prosecutor Simanovskiy for comment journalists waited. Declined to comment on the verdict and attorney Bondarenko Mariana Semeshko.

His wife Olga Bondarenko immediately stated that the process was biased and the sentence they are required to appeal against. In court Olga Bondarenko had the same dress that 5 years ago, got married in a church with Dimitri. She said she wanted to show it to her husband that she loves him and will wait for the prison:

Then there will be freedom and, I hope, a free country and a free man.

"This is life. It used to be one, now the other begins. Now, the sentence will then appeal and all the rest. But nothing will survive. Then there will be freedom and, I hope, a free country and a free man. "

Olga was not allowed to speak after the verdict with her husband even in short, to inquire about the state of health. "But the statement on a date I had already written", — said Olga Bondarenko after the trial. When asked what she knows about getting along with her husband in the KGB prison, the wife of the prisoner referred to a meeting with him in the KGB detention center:

"He then said that in February," mask ", as they called the staff wearing masks on the face, and left more or less held normally. But even if he had the flu and the temperature was under 40, although treated him, saying, okay, but all of these passions was talking about Michalevic, exit from the chamber raspranannem in the cold, stretch marks, it was all going on. "

Zinaida Litvinov, Father Dmitry Bondarenko's wife, was present throughout the process. The woman was not convinced by the evidence collected by the investigators:

"For what? If it was for that! But yesterday listened to the witnesses who were there. And what is he to blame? Well, he was there, so what? There's a lot of it was, so to do so, and all is done. So for what it is punishment? "

As Dmitri Bondarenko remains "an American", which has already served more than 4 months. This time it will be counted in the total term of imprisonment at the rate of one day in the KGB detention center for one day in prison.


Finally, the Court

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