Olga Dashkevich

Olga died April 26 Dashkievich — the mother of the leader of the "Young Front" Dmitry Dashkevich. Her heart stopped for 54-year life at home — the old road, where she lived with the father of her son Vyacheslav Dashkevich. Olga buried Dashkievich April 28 at the local cemetery, with the participation of relatives and close friends.

Olga Dashkievich frequent contact with friends of her son — the activists of the "Young Front". Before this happened, when Dmitri Dashkevich tried, and during his imprisonment, said deputy Dmitry Dashkevich, "Young Front" Anastasia Palazhanka:

"We are familiar with Olga Dashkievich not of the best occasions of our life — from the time of arrest Dmitry in 2007. I can describe Olga as a very happy and cheerful person. She and I often touch on the phone — she was joking, and at the same time with great pain perceived all what is happening to her son. However, she tried to support us and Mr. Vyacheslav and his son in the letters. "

Olga Dashkievich by profession, like her husband, Vyacheslav Dashkevich — a journalist. They have traveled and worked in the Far East, have lived together for 32 years. But in recent years — when his son Dmitri grew up and became actively involved in politics — woman lived cares and worries about his fate. Here's how a recent interview with Olga Dashkievich recalled a meeting with his son in prison during the first imprisonment of Dmitry:

"I saw him in that black sweater … Oh … It does not convey. Shook me all. Then I was all cold, the wet, the roar of a beluga, I can not calm down. Indeed, I have to calm him down, saying, son Do not worry, somehow survive this time. So he reassures me. It's almost the last words which the son said, "Mom, they think that if they put me, then this whole thing is over. Things fall apart, no one will do. And no longer will be no meetings, no meetings, no demonstrations … Mom, do not worry! People rallied even more and become even more of our supporters and associates. "

Due to ill health Olga Dashkievich unable to work and to attend the recent court cases against Dimitri. She stayed at home and waited for the return of his son after a prison sentence. At this time, the expectations could not stand the heart.

Site editor of "Budzma" Severin Kwiatkowski Dashkevich was visiting family in the old road, and that's how Mrs. Olga says:

"I was doing a report from a family Dashkievich — then Dmitri first time was in prison for his political activity. Was very welcoming family feel very welcome hostess. And I loved the love and faith in her son she told me about it. When She does not gloss over it and did not create plyakatny portrait. And most importantly, love, compassion, and faith in her son — she was in every word. Such I remember Mrs. Dashkievich. fond memory — he was a good man. "

Young Front activists on behalf of his father, Vyacheslav Dashkevycha appealed to the Court of the Moscow district of Minsk with a petition for the release from prison of Dmitry Dashkevich goodbye to his mother. Funeral Olga Dashkievich be held on 28 April at the old road.

The documentary film "Heart in jail"

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