Olga Klaskouski has not had a meeting with his brother

Sister arrested on events of December 19 Alexander Klaskouski Olga Klaskouski returned to Belarus after nearly six years of exile.

She has had political asylum in one of the EU countries. She returned to Belarus on April 13.

His decision to return to Belarus, she explained in a conversation with the correspondent of Radio Liberty:

"This is my brother Alexander concluded, because this is where I had the opportunity to have more direct contact with him. Unfortunately we were not dating, but I managed to pass him a transfer, sent parcel post, has received a letter from him. This very important to me. So we feel that we are close. Moreover, I certainly want to support his wife and children to attend the trial and to be possible close to Alexander. "

Olga says that a little bit hard to get used again after emigrating to the Belarusian realities.

"The meeting with the homeland began to board the plane" Belavia ", when the conductor persistently invited me to read" Sovetskaya Belorussia. "I had to politely refuse. Finally, I hugged my father, met with his friends, very pleasant to walk in the streets of Minsk, feel in their land. As difficult moments, I try to keep a certain optimism. And the fact that I now feel closer to his brother, gives new strength and it is very important to me. "

Case of Alexander Klaskouski contained in the KGB detention center, will consider Leninsky district court of Minsk, according to preliminary information — in May. Will conduct a hearing judge Lyudmila Grachev.

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