Olga Neklyaeva Vladimir sick, but did not want to delay the process

Deteriorated state of health of the ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva. Activist Sergei Martselev meet birthday in the KGB detention center. Letter from Alexander Klaskouski shows that in the prisoner sad mood. Wife Statkevich believes on him cook "exemplary punishment".

April 28 became aware of the date of the appointment of the last trials of participants in the events of December 19. Former presidential candidates Statkevich andDzmitry Us with five other defendants will be judged on May 11 in the Leninsky district court of Minsk. They are accused of organizing and participating in mass disorder. On the same day, May 11, in Factory Court will judge the journalist Irina Khalip, Paul Sevyarinets andSergei Martseleva on charges of planning and participating in group activities that breach public order. By the way, Sergei Martseleva tomorrow, April 29, the day of birth. Former campaign manager to Mr. Statkevich Martseleva turns 34. Zoe Evmenova, Grandma Prisoner, which protects them, says of him lately no letters:

"Tomorrow I'm going to send him a congratulatory telegram. I'm going to send a color, but I do not know whether will accept. What's on the 11th Court appointed, you probably know. And nothing more is known. "

Marina Adamovich, Commenting on the appointment of the day the trial of her civilian husband Nikolai Statkevich, noted that the process will be the last, and that, in her opinion, is no accident:

"Will the violence, as I understand it. And not another massacre, and one of the most illustrative. "

Along with Nikolai Statkevich will judge the former policeman Alexander Klaskouski. For the fact that on December 19 put under police jacket winter jacket, and yet he is accused of embezzling government. According to the prisoner's sister Olga, the last letter from Alexander was "pretty boring." Olga Klaskouski with her mother Lyudmila Klaskouski were yesterday in the trial of Andrei Sannikov:

"But to leave early because it felt like a bad mother. Agitated, medications taken. Met with relatives of political prisoners, support each other. This is very important. "

I went up and met with the prosecutor look. I think he recognized me. After all, lowered his head and looked away.

In the trial of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, and four other defendants, and his mother was an activist of the movement "For Freedom" Nikita Lihavida Elena. A month ago, Nikita was tried in the same courtroom — said Elena.

"I have as much heart sank: the same room, the same prosecutor. I went up and met with the prosecutor look. I think he recognized me. After all, hung his head and looked away. "

April 29 at the Minsk City Court will consider the cassation complaint Nikita Lihavida.

Will begin the trial of former presidential candidate Vladimir Nyaklyaeu May 5, as scheduled? Doubts have arisen in this today, after the information about the bad health policy and poet Neklyaeva. However, the wife of former candidate Olga says that the defenders are supposedly going to request a delay in the process: "As health — all of that. He aggravated sciatica, and I'm worried how it will withstand the process, as long as basically lies. Every morning, a doctor with a nurse comes from the KGB, put him two shots. So for 4 days. But by May 5 we have enough time. Today, only the 28th. "


Finally, the Court

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