On a fishing boat attacked … mermaids?

January 20, 2013 18:50

Venezuelan fishing boat "Levant", while in the sea to the west of Barbados (Antilles), a signal of distress. The aid arrived in time to be in this area of the ship.

His team found the sailors "Levant" in a state of extreme shock. They could only say that they were attacked by demons. Sightseeing boat did not reveal anything suspicious, including signs of a struggle.

The crew of "Levante" gave no explanation, and later, when recovered from the shock. Nightly events erased from memory sailors. It is assumed that the vessel got into range of infrasound, which may arise in the ocean. Like to observe and secret trials of psychotronic weapons, hold the U.S. Navy in the Antilles.

After a while one of the crew members, "Levant", Rodrigo Almendros, agreed to undergo hypnosis. His story under hypnosis seem incredible, but re-hypnosis showed the same picture. According to Seaman, the night began to jump out of the sea "flying chelovekoryby" with a fish tail, scaly body, large wings, arms and head of a man.

All faces were black, ugly: large flat eyes, in the middle of the face curving trunk. They tumbled to the deck and threw themselves on the people embraced the strongest panic. Rodrigo lost consciousness, and when I came to chelovekoryb the ship was gone. The sailors came to their senses, but long to move. Hardly any of them managed to get to the radio room, and send a signal "SOS."

What had to be "chelovekorybam" from people — remained unknown. "The answer will questioning other sailors" Levante "," — says Dr. Trevor Walden, who conducted the hypnosis.

By the way, after that incident, all crew members lost their maritime profession and found work on the land, according to Venezuelan news sites.

Igor Voloznev

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