On Mars, found the pyramid — an incredible find!

On Mars, found the pyramid — an incredible find what secrets are still open to us udivetelnaya this planet?

Mars rover Curiosity found on the surface of the Red Planet stone in the shape of a pyramid, the size of a soccer ball. An unexpected finding was made halfway between the landing apparatus to his next point, according to NASA.

Pyramid found Matievik Jake was given the name — in honor of the recently deceased employee of the American space agency. This is not the first name of the object on Mars in honor of outstanding earthlings. Thus, the landing Curiosity was named in honor of science fiction Ray Bradbury, famous for his "The Martian Chronicles". The writer died on 5 June 2012 at the age of 91.

Now, engineers, managers Curiosity, plan to touch the pyramid using a spectrometer and an analysis of its chemical composition. In addition, the rover will make a close-up photo of the object. NASA hopes that the mysterious object provide new knowledge about the structure of the Red Planet, as well as allow for a cross-check of the Alpha-particle X-ray spectrometer (APXS) — a device that radiates alpha particles and to compare the spectra of X-ray to determine the elemental composition of rocks , cameras and other equipment. The pyramid is the first object that Curiosity will explore using the full set of equipment.

Then the rover will go to a place called Glenelg, to which there are only 200 meters away. There Curiosity by drilling will produce rock samples and conduct their analysis.

Scientists note that the machine moves along the surface of the Red Planet for the sixth day without stopping, breaking the 22 to 37 meters each day. Recall, Curiosity landed on Mars on August 6.


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